Friday, March 2, 2012

Round Six: Mandy in the Real World

Oh hey there, guys. You caught me just in time! I just got off work. I do the dishes at the cafe downtown. I'm waiting on an opening at the hospital... I don't know, I just have this overwhelming urge to run the place someday! I check the dang paper every day, and there's yet to be a help-wanted ad. I'm thinking that I might just have to go down there and demand a job in person!Well come on in, guys, I'll make some tea.Yep, I bought this cute little house, and I love it! (** You can download it here) It's the perfect size for me. I have a pretty decent sized dining room table, even if the dining room is small, which is perfect for when I have guests or coworkers over. One of my co-workers, Gilbert, just loves to come and eat my hamburgers! Not quiet sure why... they're just frozen patties that I fry up in about ten minutes.
He seems a little odd, but adorable. Hopefully we'll continue to be friends. I didn't make that many friends in high school, so I'm glad it's happening at work. Even if this isn't the job that I really want...

Well anyway, back to the house. The backyard is little, but there's plenty of room for a small garden. I've really been getting into gardening lately! Hopefully I can get good enough to grow most of my groceries at home.Oh, and I've recently taken an interest in astronomy. I work crazy shifts, and a lot of the time I have some down-time at night. What better way to spend it than gazing at the stars?
Yes, yes... I know... I got a new hair-style. I think it's very cute! What? That's not what you were whispering about? Ugh... fine... I know. I make weird faces. But the dang telescope-hole is so little!! Hopefully I can get one of the bigger ones sometime after I start making some real money...

Okay guys, I really stink so I need to hit the shower and then try to catch a nap before Gilbert comes over. Where are you going next? Lucy's? Oh, neat! Tell her I said hello and that I'll drop by soon to see her... what? jeez, you people are so secretive! Fine, just tell her I said hello. Alright, I'll see you next time!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Round Six: The Drama Queen

Oh, hi, guys!! This is Angela, welcome back! What have we been up to? Well, let's see... I've decided to start a small flower shop. I've been getting so into my flower arranging! Especially since I've retired and have a lot more time on my hands. Sometimes I just get so caught up in it, that I arrange those dang flowers all night!
I have a gold flower-arranging badge, so we're all pretty proud of that here! Here's an update picture of the house with the small flower business in the front yard.
Dustin went through a home-renovating phase... he added on upstairs for some reason, and now our roof is sky high! Silly man! Yes, Dustin is still working, but it's only once a week. Not sure when he plans on retiring, but I'm not pushing him too since it gets him in such a good mood. I think he just likes to walk around in the buff!See, and he wasn't even headed to work!
Well Melissa grew up into quite the little handful! I thought as teenagers they were supposed to need less attention?! This girl is drama, drama, drama! And she's on the phone practically 24/7!
She does look quite fetching, though, with this new hairstyle!Even though she's dramatic, Melissa is a sweetheart. She's so family oriented! She just loves hanging out at home with her ole mom'n pop. She told me that she wants six kids!! And get them all married with children! Whew... she'll definitely need to find the right man for that. Maybe Brandi's hubby, Alex, has a younger brother or cousin or something.... they've got seven kids! Too much for me to handle, that's for sure. Oh, I love my girls, but they were quite the handful when they were young.

Well, I've got that flower-arranging itch, now that you got me talking about it! You guys take care, and come back and see us alright? Buh-bye!