Monday, June 4, 2012

Round Six: Lilith's Big Scare

Hey guys, it's Dan Dreamer here. Dirk and Lilith are my parents. We had a pretty crazy week... mom was out working out on the treadmill while dad was at work. After school, my friend Ryan came over and we were... hanging out...
Don't tell my parents alright, guys? It was just a kiss... we both don't know how we feel about it, and I definitely don't want to give up on girls... there's just so many options romantically for a kid that enjoys male company, too. What can I say, I like dating! Hopefully all my 'friends' can help me in my reach attempt to get that celebrity status ;) I'm going to hopefully have my own cooking show. That's the goal for now, but I suppose college might change that.

But anyway, back to my main story: Ryan and I were hanging out and all of the sudden I hear this crackling and my mom screaming! So we run to the backyard, and she's literally on fire!
So I ran to get the fire extinguisher, but by the time I got back she had already... left.
 I had to get down on my hands and knees and beg Grim for my mom back. It was a terrifying experience.
 Finally, he gave me a choice, and I chose correctly! So I got mom back! It was surreal!
We hugged for so long. I don't know what I would've done if we hadn't gotten her back. I'm not ready to lose my mom yet. Dad was so happy that I think they began to re-appreciate each other. They were pillow-fighting in our living room later that night.
And, I think it also got Mom thinking about her age, and how much life means to her. And, well...
I've got a little brother or sister coming! I'm not sure how excited I am, since I'll probably be in college when the baby starts toddling around, but I'm sure it will be fun to come back to. Since our house is so small, and there's no place to put a baby, Mom and Dad went out house-shopping. We're moving down the street across from Dad's best friend Dustin Broke and his daughter Melissa (who is preeettttyyyy cute, by the way).

(I downloaded this house here)
We're still packing, but by next week we should be into the new house. Stop by next time and we'll give you a tour! Bye guys:)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Round Six: Derek Dreamer

Hey bro, it's Derek Dreamer here. Remember me? College hot shot ;) Yeaaaah, buddy. Well... I hope you guys don't stick around too long, no offense, cause I've got a party in a few! Oh... well yeah, I can give you a basic update then. I live here, in Downtown Pleasantview:
Nice little place, not too fancy, I don't need much except my pool table, and dart-board. Which everyone loves!!

So anyway, I live there and I work for the local military as Counter Intelligence. Cause, you know... those crazy Strangetown peeps might get some crazy ideas. We see a lot of weird stuff going on over there... but anyway.

I like to go to Lucky Shack to hang out and make friends.... and dance;)
It's workin' for me! I have twelve best friends!!

Yeah, I guess I am getting older... married? Nahh... well... unless it's way later and I'm one of those... Silver Foxes... ooh yeah, baby. Kids? Heeeeck no! I'm having too good a time hangin' out with my friends, why would I want to give that up for some machine that pukes and craps all over me? Pleaseeeee.
Okay guys...seriously, people are starting to show up now.. can I hit ya up a little later?! Come back next week maybe... okay? Okay, great. I'll see ya!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Round Six: Belle Dreamer Gets 'Fancey'

Oh hello, everyone. Welcome home! Quite a bit has changed since I left the university. I'm working as a supporting player at one of our local theaters. Acting is a passion of mine, however my true passion is family. I'd love to have three children graduate from my alma-mater, Academie LeTour. Luckily, I found Cara Fancey in college and she is very supportive of my dreams. Her goal is to become the Captain Hero of Pleasantview. It'll be tough, but I know that she can accomplish it. We're not just serious, we have our crazy moments, too. We don't have a lot of money for fancy electronics but one thing we love to do is dance!
   We're very happy. We recently even became joined! It was very private, as I'm not sure many in Pleasantview are accepting of this lifestyle. But when you find some-one just like yourself, you don't let society tell you what to do!
 Cara and I decided that there's no time like the present to start a family! So we adopted a little baby girl, Bethany. Mom came over to see her and spend a few days with us. They're very attached to each other.
And actually, Cara and I discussed it, and decided that mom should move in with us. Well, not 'in' with us, more like 'on the lot' with us. Hah, let me explain. Since Dusty went off to college, mom's all alone...and I hate for her to be alone on the other side of town. She lived across the road from Darren, but he's got his own stuff going on, and he's not really her child, so I felt like it was my job to take care of mom. We still let her keep her independence though. We used the sale money from mom's place to build a small little cottage next to the main house. She gets her own garden and pets and everything.

We think it's a great solution, and mom was so excited that she gets to be with Bethany all the time. The cottage is only one bedroom, one bath. Very small and perfect for mom. She doesn't need that much, and she's always welcome in our house. It'll be great to have an extra helper around once Cara gets more involved on the police force and we adopt our second child. That's really all that I have for you today, I'm sure once Bethany starts toddl-ing around we'll have some great stories for you. Have a good week everyone:)

--Belle Dreamer

Round Six: Keeping the Magic Alive

It's a short one today here at the Burb house! I'll let John do the narrating this time. He's been itching to get on-camara.

Hey folks! You guys were just over at Lucy's, right? Isn't that baby adorable. My little Land-y-poo, he's so perfect! Now Lucy told me that his pop done skipped out on him already! Not sure how that's possible, since they live right down the street from one another in Downtown Pleasantview. If this guy doesn't man up and make a good life for my grandson, we'll have some words for sure! I loved that baby before Lucy even had the little tyke. She came over after work a few times a week and we had Papaw-baby-time!

After Landon was born, we had birthdays over here too. My own babies, Johnny and Lillian grew up into teens! Can you believe it?! I'm getting so old... well, I guess the white hair was a bit of a giveaway with that. Here are their birthday pictures:

They're pretty good friends, minimal bickering for know-it-all teenagers! They even help each other with their homework!  *beams with pride*
I just hope it stays this way. Johnny is way more into his appearance than his schoolwork. But, he wants to be a journalist, and Lillian wants to be a gamer. We'll see what they decide about college. I'm strongly pro-university since I didn't get the chance to go! And Lucy didn't either, and... I love both Lucy and Landon, but I'd rather my other two children actually experience life before they get tied down with a family. That's just my two cents.

In other news, Jen and I are still hard at work with our pets! I'm only 16 away from raising twenty kittens! Once the kids move to college we'll have even more room for them to breed! Jen is working on getting them to the top of their career. We just recently had Pook do it! It was so exciting. But since Pook was an adult cat, and I can't breed him with his parents, it was time for him to go. Jen wasn't too happy about that. Pook was one of her favorites.
But we needed the room for more kitties. She's only two away from her goal of getting six pets to the top of their career. Wish us luck!! But don't worry... we're not only focused on the cats...

That's right! We still find time to keep the heat alive;) *laughs*. Well alright you guys, I've got to go. We recently had a kitten born and she's not house broken yet. I'll see ya next time!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Round Six: Lucy's Surprise

Oh, hi guys, Lucy Burb here! Quite a bit has happened since you guys stopped by and spied on me and Don last time! I won't lie... Don and I get along very well. However... I also enjoy spending time with Skip Broke. Very cute;) What can I say... I just can't make up my mind!! *giggles*
Even after what's happened, I still haven't made up my mind. I mean, it's not like I want to MARRY Don or anything. *shudders* I'm so young! I've got my whole life ahead of me, guys! But, I did have to break the news to Skip... he was kind of upset with me...
Yep, I'm was pregnant! I had been feeling a little sickly, but I thought it was just the flu...

I still had to work though, ugh! At least Don was there to support me after work.
 Well... supportive after a small meltdown...

But he'll be okay after he sees his beautiful son! I went into labor late one night. Don wasn't around... some emergency with Nina and the twins. But look at my beautiful baby!
I named him Landon... Don mentioned it in passing once. We hadn't really talked about a name, but it's not that important is it? I mean, we both don't have to love it. That's what nicknames are for! *giggles*
Don hasn't been around to see him yet... I hope that he comes for Landon's birthday party. You guys should come too! I'll send you an e-vite!! eeek! I'm so excited. Even though they smell sometimes, babies are just sooo cute, and my baby is the cutest! With parents like his, how could he not be!! Ooops! Baby Landon just spit up a little. I need to clean him up... I'll see you guys later. Don't forget about mee! ;)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Round Six: Mandy in the Real World

Oh hey there, guys. You caught me just in time! I just got off work. I do the dishes at the cafe downtown. I'm waiting on an opening at the hospital... I don't know, I just have this overwhelming urge to run the place someday! I check the dang paper every day, and there's yet to be a help-wanted ad. I'm thinking that I might just have to go down there and demand a job in person!Well come on in, guys, I'll make some tea.Yep, I bought this cute little house, and I love it! (** You can download it here) It's the perfect size for me. I have a pretty decent sized dining room table, even if the dining room is small, which is perfect for when I have guests or coworkers over. One of my co-workers, Gilbert, just loves to come and eat my hamburgers! Not quiet sure why... they're just frozen patties that I fry up in about ten minutes.
He seems a little odd, but adorable. Hopefully we'll continue to be friends. I didn't make that many friends in high school, so I'm glad it's happening at work. Even if this isn't the job that I really want...

Well anyway, back to the house. The backyard is little, but there's plenty of room for a small garden. I've really been getting into gardening lately! Hopefully I can get good enough to grow most of my groceries at home.Oh, and I've recently taken an interest in astronomy. I work crazy shifts, and a lot of the time I have some down-time at night. What better way to spend it than gazing at the stars?
Yes, yes... I know... I got a new hair-style. I think it's very cute! What? That's not what you were whispering about? Ugh... fine... I know. I make weird faces. But the dang telescope-hole is so little!! Hopefully I can get one of the bigger ones sometime after I start making some real money...

Okay guys, I really stink so I need to hit the shower and then try to catch a nap before Gilbert comes over. Where are you going next? Lucy's? Oh, neat! Tell her I said hello and that I'll drop by soon to see her... what? jeez, you people are so secretive! Fine, just tell her I said hello. Alright, I'll see you next time!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Round Six: The Drama Queen

Oh, hi, guys!! This is Angela, welcome back! What have we been up to? Well, let's see... I've decided to start a small flower shop. I've been getting so into my flower arranging! Especially since I've retired and have a lot more time on my hands. Sometimes I just get so caught up in it, that I arrange those dang flowers all night!
I have a gold flower-arranging badge, so we're all pretty proud of that here! Here's an update picture of the house with the small flower business in the front yard.
Dustin went through a home-renovating phase... he added on upstairs for some reason, and now our roof is sky high! Silly man! Yes, Dustin is still working, but it's only once a week. Not sure when he plans on retiring, but I'm not pushing him too since it gets him in such a good mood. I think he just likes to walk around in the buff!See, and he wasn't even headed to work!
Well Melissa grew up into quite the little handful! I thought as teenagers they were supposed to need less attention?! This girl is drama, drama, drama! And she's on the phone practically 24/7!
She does look quite fetching, though, with this new hairstyle!Even though she's dramatic, Melissa is a sweetheart. She's so family oriented! She just loves hanging out at home with her ole mom'n pop. She told me that she wants six kids!! And get them all married with children! Whew... she'll definitely need to find the right man for that. Maybe Brandi's hubby, Alex, has a younger brother or cousin or something.... they've got seven kids! Too much for me to handle, that's for sure. Oh, I love my girls, but they were quite the handful when they were young.

Well, I've got that flower-arranging itch, now that you got me talking about it! You guys take care, and come back and see us alright? Buh-bye!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Round Six: The Broke Bachelors

Hey, welcome back guys! Beau Broke, here. It's been a minute since you all were around, hasn't it? Well let's see if I have some interesting stories for ya...

Well, my home business is goin' pretty good. It's at rank 8 now! I got a few great reviews, and business just started takin' off! It helped that I put in a poker table, so the men-folk could have some fun while their ladies were shoppin' away. Although, some ladies come to play, as well.
Oh, and I also bought a new building in Bluewater, that's our shopping district. Lotta nice people livin' there... very friendly, too. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it yet. I thought maybe a restaurant, but I'm no good at cooking. It's probably going to be some kind of shopping center, but I just can't decide what to sell!This isn't the best picture, guys... my bad. It's the little grey building on the corner.

When I'm not busy with the businesses, I work part-time for SimTech as a guild leader. I recently got a raise, so that's pretty exciting! To be honest though, I feel like as soon as I get this second business off the ground, I ought to be able to stop working. Skip's working, too, and I have a feeling he'll be making quite the paycheck after a few more years.

Since you left us, he was promoted three times! Now he's a General Practitioner. That kid is crazy-smart. If I ever have to go to the hospital, I want him to doctor me up! He's been getting kinda side-tracked with the dogs, though. Both Mox and Blackie were working as service dogs, and we got word yesterday that they're both at the top of the ladder... they can't get promoted anymore. So that lit a fire under Skip I guess... he's got them trying to breed now. Walks around mumblin' to himself sometimes 'four more...four more'. Not sure what that means.... Well, yeah, I like dogs fine, I just don't like all the hair everywhere! So we've got a puppy (or two...or three I guess) on the way.

Oh, here's a funny story for ya! Trina Goth came by the other day, and we got to chatting. She invited me, so I stopped in after work one day... and I walked in to see this!Those girls are crazy! Michelle moved in with Trina, I suppose and all they do is Smutsle all day! I would have stayed longer, but I was feelin' pretty stinky. At least I got a kiss goodbye...yep. Trina and I are just friends, and she is kinda young for me... but I won't lie... she is mighty pretty. No big plans for right now, but we'll just see where life takes us later on. I'd never really thought about having a family... mom's gaggle of kids was more than enough for me. But maybe I might like a wife. Of course, I have no idea what Trina's plans are as of yet, so I'm not makin any plans. Well, it's been nice visiting with you folks. Come back and check on me, because I'll be opening up that new business soon as I figure out what I'm sellin! Have a good one!