Thursday, May 24, 2012

Round Six: Belle Dreamer Gets 'Fancey'

Oh hello, everyone. Welcome home! Quite a bit has changed since I left the university. I'm working as a supporting player at one of our local theaters. Acting is a passion of mine, however my true passion is family. I'd love to have three children graduate from my alma-mater, Academie LeTour. Luckily, I found Cara Fancey in college and she is very supportive of my dreams. Her goal is to become the Captain Hero of Pleasantview. It'll be tough, but I know that she can accomplish it. We're not just serious, we have our crazy moments, too. We don't have a lot of money for fancy electronics but one thing we love to do is dance!
   We're very happy. We recently even became joined! It was very private, as I'm not sure many in Pleasantview are accepting of this lifestyle. But when you find some-one just like yourself, you don't let society tell you what to do!
 Cara and I decided that there's no time like the present to start a family! So we adopted a little baby girl, Bethany. Mom came over to see her and spend a few days with us. They're very attached to each other.
And actually, Cara and I discussed it, and decided that mom should move in with us. Well, not 'in' with us, more like 'on the lot' with us. Hah, let me explain. Since Dusty went off to college, mom's all alone...and I hate for her to be alone on the other side of town. She lived across the road from Darren, but he's got his own stuff going on, and he's not really her child, so I felt like it was my job to take care of mom. We still let her keep her independence though. We used the sale money from mom's place to build a small little cottage next to the main house. She gets her own garden and pets and everything.

We think it's a great solution, and mom was so excited that she gets to be with Bethany all the time. The cottage is only one bedroom, one bath. Very small and perfect for mom. She doesn't need that much, and she's always welcome in our house. It'll be great to have an extra helper around once Cara gets more involved on the police force and we adopt our second child. That's really all that I have for you today, I'm sure once Bethany starts toddl-ing around we'll have some great stories for you. Have a good week everyone:)

--Belle Dreamer


  1. That's so cute, joined and a home for Mom... wtg! :)

  2. Nice having mom right there to help take care of the baby. Cute little cottage too!

  3. that little cottage for mom. Nice update. :)