Pleasantview Census

Here is an updated list of each family in Pleasantview separated by last name and then into households.

Dustin Broke (Gen 2)
Melissa Broke (Gen 3)
Mandy Broke (Gen 3 Heir)
Luca Langerak (Langerak Gen 2)
Beau Broke (Gen 2)
Skip Broke Jr. (Gen 2)

Johnny Burb (Gen 2)
Lillian Burb (Gen 2)
Lucy Burb (Gen 2 Heir)
Landon Burb (Gen 3 Heir)

Dusty Dreamer (Gen 2)
Dirk Dreamer (Gen 2)
Lilith (Pleasant) Dreamer (Gen 2)
Dan Dreamer (Gen 3)
Cassandra Dreamer(Gen 1)
Belle Dreamer (Gen 3 Heir)
Cara Fancey Dreamer (Gen 3 Spouse)
Bethaney Dreamer (Gen 4)
Derek Dreamer (Gen 3)

*Dina Goth (Gen 0)
Alexander Goth (Gen 1 Heir)
Trina Goth (Gen 1)
Michelle Goth (Gen 1)

Sicily Langerak (Gen 2 Heir)

Piper (No Heir)
Brandi (Broke) Piper (Gen 1)
Alex Piper (Gen 1)
Brandon Piper (Gen 2)
Charity Piper (Gen 2)
Leslie Piper (Gen 2)
Mark Piper (Gen 2)
Maggie Piper (Gen 2)

Marie Pleasant (Gen 2)

Shaikh (No Heir)
Kaylynn (Langerak) Shaikh (Gen 1)
Pao Shaikh (Gen 1)
Roma Shaikh (Gen 2)

*I set Dina as Gen 0 because she wasn't going to be part of the story unless she married Mortimer and he was a Gen 0 because Cassandra and Darren needed to be Gen 1 together, otherwise their children would have been Gens 2 & 3 at the same time. I just didn't want to get that complicated.