Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Goths (Rounds 6, 7, & 8)

(**This begins the set of round 6 updates that were skipped over when I started blogging again, the timeline is still the same as every other family)
Previously, at the Goth Mansion, Alexander proposed to Tiffany Sampson (YA at Sim State), and all residents were working towards their career oriented LTWs.

Dina and Alexander
(Dina Caliente Goth, sister of Nina Caliente, wife of Mortimer Goth; Alexander Goth, son of Mortimer and Bella Goth)
Alexander was over the moon about his engagement to Tiffany Sampson. The only downside was that she was still finishing up college and he would have to wait until she was done to finally marry her. So, Alexander concentrated on achieving his dream, becoming a Mad Scientist like his father. After a lot of hard work, he finally achieved it!
Alexander realized that he was getting on in age, and became very impatient for Tiffany to graduate. He felt that he couldn't be an effective father if he began parenting after he aged into an Elder. So, Alexander made a hasty decision. He adopted a toddler named Emmy.
(I don't know what it is with the game giving me red-headed kids for most of my adoptions..but they're dang cute, so I'm not complaining) Alexander would never regret his hasty decision, as Emmy soon became the light of his life. He whipped up a formula for learning
and soon Emmy was the smartest toddler around. Tiffany realized how important a family was to Alexander, so she piled on her coursework and graduated soon after his adoption of Emmy. They were married quietly and she soon assimilated to life at the mansion.
(Tiffany Sampson Goth, Knowledge, LTW: Max 7 Skills)
They got to work at building a family right away and soon, twins were born to the happy couple!
They were named after ancestors of Alexander, Gunther and Joan.
(No baby pictures for some reason...)
They had a hard time adjusting to twins AND a todder, but everyone survived and birthdays were celebrated happily:
 (Emmy Goth, LTW: Education Minister)
 (Gunther Goth, Child)
(Joan Goth, Child)
 After giving birth to the twins, Tiffany found time while they were napping to work on her skills. Sometimes with the help of her adopted daughter, Emmy.
Shortly after Joan and Gunther's childhood birthdays, Tiffany finally maxed her last pesky skill (body) and became Perma-Plat. She is now toying with the idea of becoming a game designer (she's much younger than Alexander and has quite a bit before her Elder birthday).

Alex's stepmother, Dina, achieved her LTW (Hall of Famer) around the same time that Alexander was getting married to Tiffany. She was enjoying her pseudo-grandchildren, and spent time with them, as well as painting in her loft. Not long after Joan and Gunther were born, Dina painted her last picture. Grim whisked her away into the afterlife and she went willingly. 
 Though many snubbed her and her reputation wasn't the greatest during her younger years, Dina was a good mother and her passing was mourned by Alex, Trina, Michelle, and her sister Nina, as well as a few friends.

Trina and Michelle
(Daughters of Mortimer Goth and Dina Caliente Goth)
Trina and Michelle moved out a few days before Alexander and Tiffany were married. They now live in another suburb of Pleasantview, The Village, in this little two bedroom house:
In case you've forgotten what they look like, this is Trina:
and this is Michelle:
Both girls were working towards becoming Professional Party Guests. Both managed to achieve their goal between fun with the bubble-blower,
dance marathons with random passers-by,
 and distracting sublings--
Trina has decided to switch things up a bit, (still having quite a few days left until her Elder years) and go for a culinary career (new LTW: Celebrity Chef). One evening after her promotion to Sous Chef, Trina took quite the shock!
Which of course, Michelle quite enjoyed.
Michelle took a slightly different approach to life post-LTW achievement... more romance! Her new goal is to have 50 Dream Dates. So far, she's had 5 with the help of her new fiance, Gilbert.
They have no immediate plans for marriage, both being Romance Sims and all. Strangely enough, Trina is similarly engaged to Beau Broke:
But they also have no plans for an immediate family, since Trina is working towards her new career goal and Beau is happy the way things are.

Here, we will remember Dina Caliente (Bachelor) Goth:


  1. Lovely round- Nice that Alexander had twins! It's always his sister in my game that does that! Little Emmy is cute though, he's a great dad.
    Dina's daughters are doing well, love their little house!
    Farewell to Dina, a nice tribute. :)

  2. Bye bye to Dina too...so many deaths these rounds. The kids all seem to be doing really well. Dina's daughters are so pretty.