Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Dreamers (Rounds 7&8)

When we last spoke with the Dreamer families...
Belle Dreamer had joined with Cara Fancey and adopted a little girl as well as built a small home on their lot for Belle's mother, Cassandra. Derek was a social butterfly in Downtown Pleasantview, attempting to gain 20 Simultaneous Best Friends while his brother Dusty was working his way through college at Sim State. Dirk and Lilith had moved to a new home and were expecting a new baby, and their older child, Dan, was contemplating college and a romance with Melissa Broke.

Belle, Cara, Bethany, and Cassandra
(Belle, daughter of Cassandra Goth and Darren Dreamer; Cara Fancey, wife of Belle; Bethany, adopted daughter of Belle and Cara; Cassandra, daughter of Mortimer and Bella Goth)
While Cara was spending her days working as a Detective for the Pleasantview Police Department (LTW: Captain Hero), and often coming home too exhausted to make it to their bed...
Belle was raising Bethany and acting in the occasional play (Broadway Star). She felt that with the help of her mother, Cassandra, another child was very do-able, and so they adopted another little girl by the name of Jane. She didn't have to deal with two infants for very long, because days later Bethany grew into a toddler...
And a child not long after that..
After much discussion, Belle and Cara agreed that a third child would complete their family (Belle's LTW: Graduate 3 Kids From College) and so quickly placed a call to the adoption agency. They were soon presented with a new baby boy, Lance
Just days after Jane's toddler birthday:
Time seemed to fly for Cara and Belle. Before they knew it, Bethany was a teenager and both Jane and Lance were in school:
(Bethany Dreamer: Family Aspiration, LTW: Golden Anniversary)
Sadly, growing up is not always a good thing. With each birthday of her grandchildren, Cassandra became closer and closer to her final day. Soon after Cara came home with news of a promotion to Swat Team Leader, Cassandra joined her late husband Darren and father, Mortimer, in the afterlife.
The family was very upset and everyone took quite a hit to their aspiration meters. Cassandra was very much loved. She did live to see her youngest son Dusty graduate college and become a Restauranteer.

(Son of Darren Dreamer and Cassandra Goth)
Derek was still living in Downtown Pleasantview and entertaining guests during times when he wasn't working at Counter Intelligence for the local army squadron. Through all of his contacts, Derek quickly climbed the ranks and passed the necessary tests to become a Flight Officer, and then a Senior Officer.
After much schmoozing, late nights, and parties, Derek finally attained his 20th best friend and achieved his Lifetime Want! This came shortly after his promotion to Astronaut. When Cassandra died, Derek was devastated. He realized that the time spent with loved ones was much too short and decided that he needed to become more of a family man. He chatted with Belle and broached the subject of moving into his mom's old cottage on Belle and Cara's lot. Cara was accepting, and so Derek packed his things and his wild-ways, and relocated back to the suburbs.

Dirk, Lilith, and Dan
(Dirk, son of Darren and Darleen Dreamer; Lilith, daughter of Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant; Dan, son of Dirk and Lilith Dreamer)
While Dan was busy dreaming of romance with his neighbors, Dirk and Lilith welcomed a little girl into the world, Lily.
Lilith stayed home to take care of their newborn while Dirk was out achieving his Lifetime Want: Business Tycoon/ Earning $100,000 (Before Free Time was installed his LTW was to Earn 100K...he worked his way up to Business Tycoon, and then I switched his career to Natural Science. After Free Time, his LTW is to be a Business Tycoon *sigh*). The same day that he came home with news of his promotion, Lily grew into a cute little toddler:
Dan decided that college was overrated, much to the chagrin of his parents, and transitioned into an elder without attending.
 He moved to the city to try and get famous for his spicy pork chop recipe (LTW: Celebrity Chef). With all her worrying about his collegiate future, Lilith aged into an Elder before her husband (he's been using the elixer), but she had a good birthday despite her son's disappointing choices.
However, after Lily started school, her mom didn't waste a minute impressing upon her the need for a higher education (Lilith's LTW: 3 Kids Graduate College...sorry Lilith!).
Here we remember Cassandra Goth Dreamer:



  1. Awww looks like Cassie and Darren are leaving behind some nice branches to add t othe family tree. Beautiful family!

    1. Thank you! Their family is getting pretty big, but I made the mistake with Dirk and Darren's kids and named them Derek, Dan, and Dusty... I get extremely confused sometimes, and they all look so similar.

  2. Aww, bye Cassandra! She is one of my fav sims in Pleasantview! She left a great legacy though.
    Lilith & Dirk have 3 kids in my game too! One called Lily.. :D
    Belle is really pretty, she looks like Cassie and I'm looking forward to seeing how things go for Derek next round.

    1. They actually just have two kids, which is why I let Dan grow up without going to college. It was too late for her to have another so her LTW would never get fulfilled anyway. Poor Lilith...

  3. I guess Lilith could always adopt if she really wanted to get those 3 kids. :) The Goths/Dreamers are a fun family combo. The kids are all very cute.