Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Burbs (Rounds 7&8)

When we last left the Burbs, John and Jennifer were working on raising their kittens, Lucy was raising a child by Don Lothario, and the twins Johnny and Lillian were adjusting to teenage life.

John, Jennifer, Johnny, and Lillian
Johnny and Lillian grew into goal-oriented teenagers (Johnny's LTW: Journalism, Lillian's: Gamer). They quickly realized that starting soon would lead to a better understanding of the business world and both attained local after-school jobs. Lillian took to working better than Johnny did and was soon a Trash Talker with the promise of a promotion immediately after her graduation from college. Both Johnny and Lillian were able to secure several scholarships for higher education. John was very proud of his two youngest children and often boasted to his friends how talented and smart they were. Unfortunately, John would not live to see them achieve their dreams, as he passed away shortly before the twins left for Sim State.
He waved goodbye to his family and was buried in the Pleasantview Cemetery.

Johnny and Lillian
Both teens grew to young adults relatively well despite the death of their father, and attended Sim State University. Lillian declared a Mathematics major at the recommendation of her boss, and Johnny decided on Philosophy. Both successfully made it through and graduated with 4.0 GPAs. 
Upon their return to Pleasantview, the twins moved back in with Jennifer to make her last years easier. After the death of John, Jennifer had become listless and unhappy, resulting in a shorter lifespan. She fought Grim as long as she could but eventually had to give up.
 Johnny, Lillian, and Lucy chipped in with their inheritance for a nice plot alongside John at the local cemetery. They decided to sell their childhood home and move to a smaller home near the city and their respective jobs (Downtown Pleasantview). As of yet, both Johnny and Lillian are single and focused singularly on having successful careers.
(No photos of them as adults...apparently I didn't deem them interesting enough!)
Lucy and Landon
(Lucy, daughter of John and Jennifer; Landon, son of Lucy Burb and Don Lothario)
Lucy was pleasantly surprised when Don appeared and helped Landon transition into toddlerhood.
Though she was not surprised that he rarely appeared after that, leaving Lucy to do all of Landon's toddler training.
Though when work called Lucy back, she had to invest in a nanny.
Lucy grew up quickly and soon realized that her carefree lifestyle was gone, especially because Don was no help. Rumor has it that Don and Nina split when their twins grew up into teenagers, and Don was shacking up with Ivy Copur somewhere in the city. So Lucy was working as a Sous Chef, though her true passion was for running businesses (LTW: 5 Top Level Businesses... another Free Time switcheroo). She is hoping that after Landon grows up she'll be able to start one. He grew up into a friendly child and enjoyed spending time with his schoolmates after the bus dropped them off.
After his birthday, Lucy realized that their small house in the city wasn't going to cut it for her energetic son. So, she moved back home to the suburbs (Pleasantview) and used her savings and some profit from the sale of her parents' house to construct an open two story country home.
Landon's teenage birthday came all-too-quickly for Lucy. (I don't have his LTW written down here for some reason...)
Unfortunately he'll have to weather a few taunts about his clothes... I've decided to just leave them what they spin into!

And here, we'll remember John and Jennifer Burb...

Next up: the Dreamers


  1. Awww what a nice tribute! Their kids will do fine. :)

    1. Thank you! I've found that doing the 'remembrance' sections helps me actually remember the sim. Sometimes you get caught up in your new families that you forget about the elders and how much fun they were, or I do at least.

  2. Looks like the Burb kids are all doing well. Hope Lucy gets the chance to try for her dream with the businesses.

    1. That is one of the LTWs that I am not good at keeping up with... so we'll see how it goes!

  3. It's funny but the Burbs have always been my least fav Pleasantview family to play and yet because I have played them now they have grown on me. I shall be sad next round when John & Jen die.
    You did great here, maybe you can call him McLandon now he has the kilt? heh. Lucy just got her 5 businesses in my game. Like their new place. :)

    1. Oh, the kilt... haha:) Thanks for the compliment on their house!

  4. Aww...more deaths. Bye bye John and Jennifer. Lucy seems like a pretty good mom, and bummer about the switch up of LTW. 5 businesses is one of my least favorites.