Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Little Housekeeping and an Update (The Brokes)

Oh hey there! It's been a while. Real life and all. Well I've decided to change how I'm blogging. Instead of individual nuclear family posts, I'm going to do a joint post for extended families.  i.e... one post including everything about each individual Broke household, or Goth, or Dreamer. This will make it a little bit easier on me as well as less remembering for you! As it is, I will begin that style of blogging starting in this post... skipping ahead of the rest of round 6 and including information that would be in rounds 7 and 8. I hope this goes over well and I hope you are still interested in my boring ole' Pleasantview sims. The focus of my playing has been LTW completion. Before I began this 'challenge', I rarely ever would achieve lifetime wants... I was mostly focused on generating a family. This new style of play is completely backwards for me, but it's essential at the same time. I can't have every sim  get married and have a big family as per my usual agenda. That would just make a huge challenge and as I've never completed one, I'd like to finish this one. ANYWHO...back to Pleasantview!

Beau and Skip Jr.
(Sons of Brandi and Skip Broke)
When we last left the two Broke bachelors, they were living it up in Downtown Pleasantview. Beau was working in the Gamer career as a Guild Leader. He had achieved 1 of 5 top level businesses towards his LTW. Unfortunately.... my game decided to sabotage me. After I installed Free Time, quite a few of my sims have undergone LTW changes... very frustrating! But alas...we continue.... His new LTW is to be Pleasantview's first Space Pirate. He was also toying with the idea of a relationship with Trina Goth (daughter of Mortimer and Dina Caliente).
Little brother Skip Jr. was also slowly working his way up the career ladder at the local hospital as a General Practitioner. His LTW, however, is to have 6 pets reach the top of their careers. (If my memory serves me correctly, his LTW remained the same.)
In new business, the brothers re-located to Bluewater Village in order to be closer to Beau's newest business venture, though it is still unopened. 

 As of right now, three of Skip Jr.'s pets have reached the top of their careers. Skip was promoted to specialist, but fell short of receiving another promotion before the round was over because he was busy skilling when our extraterrestrial neighbors came calling...
 And we all know what this means...

 Looks like a Broke heir will come from Skip! Because...
Beau hit his Elder birthday this week! What a Silver Fox! owww!
Beau has no interested in fathering a child in his elder years, though he still plans to have an occasional date with his younger 'trophy' girlfriend, Trina.

Dustin, Angela, and Melissa
(Dustin, son of Brandi and Skip Broke; Angela, daughter of Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant; Melissa, daughter of Dustin and Angela Broke)
When we last visited Dustin's family, Angela was working on her flower arranging and Melissa on her communication skills, not to mention the Cowplant wreaking havoc on the neighborhood with its appetite. (Thanks to ASimWen, the Cowplant has been neutralized with a fence--thanks for the tip!)
Though Angela was involved with her flower-arranging and attending to her family, it was only a short time into her Elder years that she left Dustin brokenhearted.

 She waved goodbye to her loving husband for the last time. Dustin buried her near the other Pleasant-deceased in the Pleasantview Cemetery. About a week later, Melissa had her Adult transition

 and chose to move into a house more friendly to a home business. (Sorry, I don't have a picture right now...). She didn't feel right leaving her father alone, especially just after Angela's death, so Dustin moved with her. He spends his time tinkering on old cars and building robots in the back yard. When she is not working as a substitute teacher at Pleasantview Elementary, Melissa spends her time baking for her culinary shop. She also occupies that time trying to think of ways to get her fun-loving boyfriend, Ian, to settle down and make a family with her.

(Daughter of Dustin Broke and Angela Pleasant)
Previously, we caught up with Mandy at her new house and learned that she was working in a restaurant, but just biding time until her true calling had a job opening (Medical).
More recently, Mandy did gain work at the local hospital and has been promoted to an intern. She comes home at night to her best friend and occasional romantic interest, Luca Langerak (son of Kaylynn Langerak and Don Lothario). Yes, Luca grew up and moved out of his mother's house.

 Though he is not a family-oriented Sim, he is not opposed to settling down with Mandy. They are both career minded (LTW: Top of Adventurer Career) and get along very well. Luca is currently a Hostage Negotiator with the state police force.

Well, that's it for the Brokes this round (sorry there weren't many pictures! I tend to forget to take them). Hope to see you back for the next post, the Burbs! Here will will remember Angela Pleasant Broke:


  1. Awww what a nice trip down memory lane for the Brokes. Makes me want to open up my Pleasantview hood again. :)

  2. That was a nice recap, great to see you back in Pleasantview! I'm still loving my Pleasantview, like you am a bit short of time just lately but I play when I can.
    It's always nice to give your sims new things to do, and if LTW's are your current goal then that's great. Any 'new' thing you haven't done before is always a challenge I find!
    Bye Angela, you had a good life.

  3. Aww...Angela didn't seem old enough to be gone already. A fun little looks through the Brooks. I understand about not having a lot of time. I was planning on playing today, but instead (with a short amount of time) I'm catching up on blogs. :)