Thursday, December 15, 2011

Round 1: Episode 6: Kaylynn's Story

Kaylynn Langerak's name might sound a bit familiar. Kaylynn used to be a maid employed by the Squeaky Clean Maid Service. She was assigned to the Pleasant's house. Unfortunately, she and Daniel got a little too close one day... Mary Sue found out and reported it to the maid service. Kaylynn was let go, and blacklisted from the rest of the town's maid services. Kaylynn was planning to move to Veronaville as she had some relatives there but something made her change her plans:The birth of her daughter Sicily prompted Kaylynn to stay in Pleasantview in the hopes that Daniel would want to be a part of Sicily's life. Kaylynn ventured out to the Pleasant house and was accosted by an aged Mary Sue. Mary Sue offered Kaylynn 50,000 simoleans to leave Daniel and his family alone. Kaylynn didn't want to accept the money, but as it was she was barely making ends meet. And after all, Mary Sue didn't say that Daniel couldn't come to her...

So Kaylynn accepted Mary Sue's offer and then purchased a small condo near Don Lothario. She hated to live in such a part of town that had that kind of a reputation, so Kaylynn took the money and remodeled the house to make it a home:Kaylynn went on a few dates after Sicily was born... and later discovered that she should quit that practice:She gave birth to a little boy named Luca. Kaylynn could only assume from the timing that he was Don's. She neglected to notify him, however, because she didn't feel like he would be a good enough father to him. Kaylynn was a doting mother on her children. And before she knew it, they were all grown up:
And there she lives, supporting her two children and hoping to eventually be seen as a legitimate upstanding member of society. Getting married would be nice too...

Round 1: Episode 5: Welcome to the 'Burbs!

The Burbs are in town! John, Jennifer, and their daughter Lucy have moved in across from the Brokes. They haven't done much yet, but they'll soon be a prominent name.

Round 1: Episode 4: Brandi's New Life

Brandi Broke had a very hard time after her husband Skip died. She had a newborn and a toddler to take care of and her only helper (her son, Dustin) left to attend Sim State University. A few months after Dustin left, Brandi met Alex Piper:Quickly, love happened:Beau had already grown into a child. Skip Jr. followed the birthday fad and transitioned happily into a toddler and then a child:
Beau and Skip Jr. played together everyday and became great friends. But, there may be a new boy (or girl?) in the mix soon...

Round 1: Episode 3: Dustin's Fairy Tale

After completing his four years at Sim State University, Dustin returned home to Pleasantview. He was slightly broke, as the tuition had taken it's toll on his bank account. He luckily had enough money to pay for college, because his mother, Brandi, was frugal throughout his childhood and saved every social security check he received, because of his father's death, in a high interest savings account. So, as he had a finite amount of money left, he purchased the small starter home next to his mother.
Dustin was still very interested in his high school sweetheart, Angela. They had kept in touch all through his time at the university and Dustin wanted to make her his Mrs. However, Dustin didn't feel that he could give her a nice life with his current income: nothing. So Dustin decided to wait for a little bit while he built up his savings and credit, and made a decent home for Angela.

Soon, Dustin attained a job as a Scatmaster in the Natural Science career track. He was quickly promoted to a Soil Identifier and then a Rogue Botanist. With a steady income, and the small house turned into a quaint little home, Dustin felt it was time. He married Angela in a quiet home ceremony:
They began their life together as newlyweds and it was picture perfect. Angela did not attend a university because she was more interested in floral arrangements. She and Dustin quickly set up a small outdoor shop on their lawn, and soon it flourished enough that they erected a separate partition of their house to be a store.Not soon after the inception of her floral business, Angela discovered that she was pregnant. Labor was intense and frightening for both of them:The baby was a beautiful little girl that they named Mandy, and Dustin was ecstatic. They were quite the pretty little family:

Friday, December 2, 2011

Round 1: Episode 2: Belle Dreamer

I bet you're dying to know what happened after this little eh? anyone? Well...Yep! So then, this happened:
And then of course, comes the pain:

But it's all worth it because Belle Dreamer came into the world!Darren is so silly: "Oh look, a baby!"
In other news, Dirk went off to Sim State University to make his mark on the world. After Belle grew up into a toddler, the Dreamers moved next door to the Goths because Cassandra just couldn't be away from her aging father and new little half sister. Pictures to follow in the next Dreamer episode.

Round 1: Episode 1: Trina Goth

Dina Caliente was enjoying her new life as a wealthy trophy wife. Anything she had ever wanted could be hers with just a snap of her fingers. Even though she now had two step-children, they were too old to still need raising (one being just a few years younger than herself). Dina feared, however, that when Mortimer (God-forbid) passed away, she would be neglected in the will because she married him so late in the game. He was retired, for Pete's sake! What could she possibly claim she needed compensation for, or was owed? Therefore, Dina decided that she must mother a child for him. Unknowingly, Dina went off the pill and she was soon pregnant. The months went by quickly, and before she knew it, the labor pains hit. Dina had not imagined that it could be this painful, but it was worth it. The child was a precious baby girl, and they named her Trina. Even though she was a product of greed, Dina loved her immediately, and doted upon her every day. Mortimer and Bella had required a nanny to help with the rearing of Cassandra and Alexander, but Dina refused Mortimer's offer, and mothered the little bundle of joy herself. She even began dressing more conservatively. Well... as conservatively as Dina could get....Alexander wasn't sure how he felt about the new baby, especially since the child was not his full-blood sibling and he had never trusted Dina in the first place. He could hardly be bothered to form a decisive opinion about Trina, however, because he was so caught up in his studies. Alexander was attempting to get into an elusive private school to better impress Mortimer's snooty alma-mater. He also had a childhood friend on his mind. But more about that some other time...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Background Episode 4: A Not-So-Pleasant Life

This is Daniel and Mary Sue Pleasant. They were not always such an affectionate couple. Theirs is a story of heartache and betrayal.... but we'll get to all that later:)
Their two girls were recently surprised by the arrival of a third! Mary Sue named her Marie.
Angela was apprehensive about the new baby. She liked babies, but up until that point, she was the favorite child. A new baby could throw the balance of the family out of whack. Surprisingly, Lilith became like a second mother to baby Marie...

Angela slowly learned that though the baby was definitely loved by all, she was not a threat to her, and was there to greet Marie when she transitioned into toddler-hood.Cute little thing, isn't she? Not far after Marie's birthday Mary Sue also took the next step into elder-hood, joining Daniel. She hoped that now that they were older, retired, and (hopefully) more refined, Daniel would set aside his wandering ways, and enjoy the rest of his life with his wife. Mary Sue was not deaf to the chatter and speculation about his friendship with their former maid Kaylynn Langerak, who was quite the popular little chippy. Even if the rumors were true, Mary Sue could overlook the past if Daniel was willing to look into their future.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Background Episode 3: Manipulating Mortimer

Mortimer Goth, is the richest man in Pleasantview. He made his fortune by discovering some crazy things in the world of science. They were so crazy, in fact, that some have dubbed him the Mad Scientist.
His is a tragic story, though. His lovely young wife and mother of his two children, Cassandra and Alexander, disappeared one summer night. Her name was Bella, and she was indeed beautiful. I am unsure if Mortimer will ever really recover from his only love being taken from him.
After Cassandra broke off her engagement with Don, Mortimer couldn't have been happier. He was very suspicious of that Lothario character, and his motives for wooing his baby Cassie.
Mortimer was not very pleased, however, when Cassandra began socializing with that Dreamer boy. He was not on her level, and in Mortimer's opinion, not good enough for Cassandra. The only one who seemed to really understand what he was feeling was Mortimer's newfound friend Dina Caliente.
Mortimer began to become more and more infatuated with the lovely Dina. Before he knew it, she had conveyed to him that being married was in both of their best interests. She claimed that she loved Mortimer and he could not believe his luck! Soon after her suggestion, Mortimer became more and more convinced that it was true. Even though he was a stodgy old man, there was still some life left! And when he was gone, who would finish raising his son, Alexander? (Who had recently become a teenager.

Where had the time gone?) And so, they were married.

But there was one strange thing that took place. Mortimer prepared a family meal.

Notice anything different? Is the place setting for the coming baby? or does Mortimer still mourn the loss of his Bella? is Dina just an attempt at being happy again? We may never know...

Background Episode 2: Darr'en to Dream(er)

I hope you got the humor of my title... if not... apologies.

This is Darren Dreamer and his son Dirk. His wife Darlene died just a year or so back and left him to father Dirk alone.

Darren and Dirk were not very wealthy. They lived in fear of the repo man almost constantly. So Dirk took an after school job as a Gofer for a local business firm, and Darren renewed his interest in rising up in the company that he worked for.

Now Darren was very interested in the local heiress, Cassandra Goth. She was the famous Mortimer Goth's lovely daughter, and engaged to one of the foulest pieces of filth in Pleasantview. (In Darren's opinion). Don Lothario was his name, and womanizing was his game. Although rumor has it, that one of the Caliente sisters was getting cozy with someone other than Don.

Because of the near-poverty that he had lived in his entire life, Dirk began to pursue interests involving high pay and quick ways to make a buck. Realizing quickly that the only way to gain lasting wealth was to earn a degree and climb the corporate ladder, Dirk applied for some scholarships and moved to Sim State University. The very same university that Dustin was attending.

While Dirk was away, Darren became very lonely. He thought only of his beloved Cassandra, and wished that she could see past their friendship and into his heart.

One morning, Darren got a phone call from Cassandra and she was hysterical. She had just caught Don cheating with one of the local maids, Kaylynn Langerak. She broke off their engagement almost immediately. Darren invited her over to console her. And you know what happens when emotions are running high...And that is what I like to call, a WooHoo Whoopsy!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Background Episode 1: Being Broke

This is Brandi Broke. She is a single mother of three just trying to survive after the mysterious pool-ladder accident, that took her husband Skip, left her with teen and toddler boys, along with a pregnancy.

To help pay the bills, Brandi got a job as the Pleasantview High Muskrats' Team Mascot until her baby bump no longer allowed her to fit into the costume. It was slightly humiliating, but it brings money into the house.

One night, Brandi's teenage son, Dustin decides to up and leave the house.

Later to find out, he had graduated midterm from the high school, and enrolled at the local State University. Brandi was very proud of her son, but at the same time she was sad that he left without saying goodbye. She was not lonely, though. Brandi had Beau and little baby Skip Jr. to look after.