Saturday, August 27, 2011

Background Episode 3: Manipulating Mortimer

Mortimer Goth, is the richest man in Pleasantview. He made his fortune by discovering some crazy things in the world of science. They were so crazy, in fact, that some have dubbed him the Mad Scientist.
His is a tragic story, though. His lovely young wife and mother of his two children, Cassandra and Alexander, disappeared one summer night. Her name was Bella, and she was indeed beautiful. I am unsure if Mortimer will ever really recover from his only love being taken from him.
After Cassandra broke off her engagement with Don, Mortimer couldn't have been happier. He was very suspicious of that Lothario character, and his motives for wooing his baby Cassie.
Mortimer was not very pleased, however, when Cassandra began socializing with that Dreamer boy. He was not on her level, and in Mortimer's opinion, not good enough for Cassandra. The only one who seemed to really understand what he was feeling was Mortimer's newfound friend Dina Caliente.
Mortimer began to become more and more infatuated with the lovely Dina. Before he knew it, she had conveyed to him that being married was in both of their best interests. She claimed that she loved Mortimer and he could not believe his luck! Soon after her suggestion, Mortimer became more and more convinced that it was true. Even though he was a stodgy old man, there was still some life left! And when he was gone, who would finish raising his son, Alexander? (Who had recently become a teenager.

Where had the time gone?) And so, they were married.

But there was one strange thing that took place. Mortimer prepared a family meal.

Notice anything different? Is the place setting for the coming baby? or does Mortimer still mourn the loss of his Bella? is Dina just an attempt at being happy again? We may never know...

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  1. Aww....Mortimer really does miss Bella but Dina is "fun" for him while he's still around. Alexander didn't like her (at least in my game). lol