Tuesday, January 31, 2012

R3:E5: Ah! My Eyes!

It's been a while since we last caught up with Kaylynn Langerak and her family. When we left them, Kaylynn was jonesing for a husband; Sicily was a teenager with big ambitions, and little Luca was a tiny tot just trying to get potty-trained. A lot has happened since then. Let's catch up a little, shall we?

Luca achieved his goals of walking, talking, and being potty trained and decided that he was ready to be a big boy!
Since Kaylynn was busy working and trying to provide for her two kids (and dating to find a husband) Luca spent a lot of time bonding with big-sis-Sicily.
Of course, their bonding wasn't always nice;)
Speaking of bonding, Kaylynn met Pao Shaikh at Club Dante one night after her detention shift as Pleasantview High's substitute teacher. They hit it off and decided to get married right away, as Kaylynn wasn't getting any younger and she hadn't decided whether or not she was done having kids.
Pao was quite fond of pajamas. He practically lived in them, which doesn't make for a mantle-worthy photo. But alas, I can't do everything for them. Kaylynn and Pao were quite fond of each other, and weren't shy about it. Unfortunately... this had some consequences for Sicily.

This resulted in her relationship with Kaylynn taking a nosedive! I've never come across this before. Every time Sicily walked into a room where her mother was, she made this face:

and become completely grossed out.
So, in order to avoid her mom and Pao as much as possible, Sicily got a job after school as a Record Store Clerk.
What with all the grown-up things going on in the house, Luca decided to do a little more growing up too.

And he even got his first kiss from Mandy Broke.

Since the kids were teenagers and Sicily was dying to not have to share a loft bedroom with Kaylynn and Pao, Kaylynn decided that it was time to move. She felt that now she was a respectable woman. She had a husband, she had a decent job, and her children weren't delinquents; they deserved a house in the nice area of town. So they moved to 275 Middle Lane

and that's where we'll leave them for now!

Monday, January 30, 2012

R3:E4:New Faces

When we last left the Goths, Mortimer took his permanent island vacation and left his teenage son Alexander to support his widower and their two daughters, Trina and Michelle. Alex grew into an adult... but his looks left a little to be desired. So we had a make-over day.
I feel like this gives him a little more of a rugged look. Not to mention ditching the glasses was a huge attractive-ness boost. Next up, Trina decided to stage her teenage rebellion, and went a little crazy with her hair (also... the pony-tails just had to go).Someone wasn't a fan of Trina's new look. Alex made a new friend while gossiping over his step-sister.

Her name is Tiffany Sampson and they bonded over gossip and similar colored fluffy sweaters.
They became somewhat more than friends, and I caught Alex's awkward first kiss on camera...

Maybe they'll get married and have maroon sweatered children. Who knows? :)
Somebody liked her look... Skip Jr. gave Trina her first kiss.

After all the makovers, I decided that the house could use a little sprucing-up. New generations taking hold should warrant a new look.
Here, we have the foyer:
And if we follow the arch on the left you'll enter the family room.
If you head through the arch, around the staircases, past the fireplace and through the next set of arches, you'll hit the kitchen:

Which shares space with their dining room and foyer, right next to the new full bathroom.
I left the upstairs alone for now, since all the rooms are being utilized.
Dina's still living in her attic, I left that alone too. She was napping and dreaming of herself...so I didn't want to alter such an innocence (hah).

What with all the changes going on, it almost went unnoticed when Michelle had her teenage transition.

And, since everyone else got new looks, Michelle did too.
It was a pretty uneventful round for the Goths. Just a lot of new:)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

R3:E3: Dogfight

Let's see... when we last left the Dreamers they had moved to a (supposedly) larger home to make room for their growing family, be closer to Cassandra's aging father, and do a little 'showing off'. Unfortunately, this house is now the bane of my existence. The rooms are incredibly inconvenient and tiny, and there's not much room for remodeling/adding on. So there may be another move in their future. Also, Mortimer recently passed away, so their original reasons for moving are now irrelevant. *sigh* Anyway, back to the story....

Belle grew up into a beautiful teen with a family aspiration (LTW: Graduate 3 kids from college).
Even though she was family-oriented, Belle was still very studious. She would even study outside in the cold (and in the midst of weeds... we really to garden).
Poor Belle. Apparently the entire family likes to be outside. After growing older, Darren spent a few days a week talking to his first wife, Darleen, at her grave (in the cold...outside)
Derek would stop whatever he's doing and run outside in the cold to hug his dad after he came back from work. (he's a child now, I don't think that was in the last update)

Aww, look... best friends!

And last but not least, the love birds watched the skies at all hours of the night in the frigid cold.
Other strange happenings outside...

Dogfight! It was so random, because the Dreamers only have a cat, Bonkers. So I'm not sure who these cranky canines were.... but they certainly didn't like each other! Bonkers is a Star now, and goes to work in a limo, while her owners just go in regular boring-old cars.
As far as work goes, I don't think Darren will ever become the Chief of Staff and Pleasantview Learning Hospital, due to the rampant age discrimination that is going on throughout the town. He is a surgeon, though, so at least that's something. However, he is relying more and more on Cassandra's latest (slightly risky) invention, to feel up to working. So retirement might be in his future.
Cassandra's still an Adult though, so she has plenty of energy for work (she's a Scholar in the Science field) and other... recreational activities.
C'mon guys! You know what that leads to...

Monday, January 23, 2012

R3:E2: Coral Joins the Family

When Herb and Coral Oldie decided to move closer to their grandgradchildren and great-grandchildren, they purchased a tidy house close to their daughter, Mary-Sue.
They were enjoying their retired life, but soon after moving to Pleasantview, Herb began to feel death pulling at him. He fought as hard as he could, but there was nothing to be done.
Coral was lost without her beloved Herb, and her health quickly deteriorated as well. It didn't help that she wandered the streets at night in the cold.

Dustin and Angela Broke were stunned by the news of Angela's grandfather passing away. It came at the worst time, as Daniel and Mary-Sue had just moved to a smaller home. So the burden fell on Angela to make room in her modest home for her aging grandmother. They were able to use some of Herb's life insurance money to make a small addition to their home and slightly remodel the upstairs.

All the stress of adding a new member to the family prompted Angela to begin that process again. She went into labor and had another baby girl: Melissa.
Angela got a job after Melissa was born because Coral's health had gotten much better and she was able to take care of the baby. Angela was very interested in the culinary career track. So she got a job as a dish washer, and was soon promoted to Fast Food Shift Manager. Dustin was also promoted from his position as an Unnatural Crossbreeder to Dinosaur Cloner. Definitely moving up in the science world.
All too quickly Mandy grew into a teen with a 'tude:
and Melissa grew into a toddler:

They all look so similar! Four generations of Oldies/Pleasants/Brokes with three in one photograph!

R3:E1: No More Brokes

When we last left Brandi Broke she had remarried and had three new children, Leslie, Mark, and Maggie. Well so much has happened that I couldn't possibly just leave you with pictures!
First off, Mark and Maggie grew into agreeable little toddlers:

Brandi's husband Alex realized that his meager salary wasn't enough to support his growing family, so he worked very hard and was promoted to Desk Sergeant. Beau and Skip Jr. also got jobs to help out and Beau was promoted to a Button Master. Skip Jr. attained a job as a Nursing Home Attendant and was promoted to an Orderly.
As if having six children wasn't enough, Brandi and Alex soon became pregnant again:
She had another boy! They named him Brandon.
It seemed to Brandi as if her family was growing up right before her eyes. The day after Brandon was born, Beau grew into a handsome adult.
He was promoted to a Trash Talker in the Gamer career field. Beau had enough savings by then to escape the tiny home filled with diapers and he purchased a small one bedroom apartment in Downtown Pleasantview.
Though Skip Jr. was still a teen, he moved in with Beau because the twins' birthdays were soon approaching, there weren't enough bedrooms to go around, and not enough money to add on. Brandi was sad to see her two boys go, the last remnants of her late husband Skip, but she understood that it was the most financially responsible decision. And with Beau and Skip Jr. out of the house, Brandi (Broke) Piper's home was now entirely made up of Pipers.