Tuesday, January 31, 2012

R3:E5: Ah! My Eyes!

It's been a while since we last caught up with Kaylynn Langerak and her family. When we left them, Kaylynn was jonesing for a husband; Sicily was a teenager with big ambitions, and little Luca was a tiny tot just trying to get potty-trained. A lot has happened since then. Let's catch up a little, shall we?

Luca achieved his goals of walking, talking, and being potty trained and decided that he was ready to be a big boy!
Since Kaylynn was busy working and trying to provide for her two kids (and dating to find a husband) Luca spent a lot of time bonding with big-sis-Sicily.
Of course, their bonding wasn't always nice;)
Speaking of bonding, Kaylynn met Pao Shaikh at Club Dante one night after her detention shift as Pleasantview High's substitute teacher. They hit it off and decided to get married right away, as Kaylynn wasn't getting any younger and she hadn't decided whether or not she was done having kids.
Pao was quite fond of pajamas. He practically lived in them, which doesn't make for a mantle-worthy photo. But alas, I can't do everything for them. Kaylynn and Pao were quite fond of each other, and weren't shy about it. Unfortunately... this had some consequences for Sicily.

This resulted in her relationship with Kaylynn taking a nosedive! I've never come across this before. Every time Sicily walked into a room where her mother was, she made this face:

and become completely grossed out.
So, in order to avoid her mom and Pao as much as possible, Sicily got a job after school as a Record Store Clerk.
What with all the grown-up things going on in the house, Luca decided to do a little more growing up too.

And he even got his first kiss from Mandy Broke.

Since the kids were teenagers and Sicily was dying to not have to share a loft bedroom with Kaylynn and Pao, Kaylynn decided that it was time to move. She felt that now she was a respectable woman. She had a husband, she had a decent job, and her children weren't delinquents; they deserved a house in the nice area of town. So they moved to 275 Middle Lane

and that's where we'll leave them for now!


  1. I love Kaylynn. The Sims 3 version of her is making an appearance in my blog.

    I really liked this entry. Poor Sicily walking in on her mother and step-father. I love how they have realistic responses!

    1. SirenPrincess- I love Kaylynn too, she's always been a favorite of mine. Although normally, she had twins by Daniel. This is the first time I've played that same scenario where she doesn't have twins. I'll have to check out your blog!:)

  2. Kaylynn is very fun to play. Her kids are cute, but poor Sicily, it was time for a bigger house. I have never played Pao, but I know a lot of simmers have/do.