Friday, January 13, 2012

Round 2: Episode 5: Goodbye Mortimer

This update is marked with sadness. Mortimer passed away very peacefully. Unfortunately, it was not peaceful for those who survive him.
Alexander was very upset. You see, Mortimer left behind Cassandra, Alexander, Trina, and Dina. Cassandra was not a burden because she had grown up and left the nest (not to say she wasn't effected by Mortimer's death). Alexander had big dreams. He wanted to attend college and spend his life inventing like his father. However, because Dina was barely employed (and had almost no marketable skills) and Trina was a baby, Alexander had to get an after school job, and put his college dreams in the back of his mind.

Mortimer left them with quite a bit of money, but Alexander was not one to ride on the coattails of his father. He didn't want to support the rest of his family with Mortimer's money. Not soon after Mortimer passed, Dina discovered that she was pregnant again, and Trina grew into a toddler.

Dina gave birth to a baby girl whom she named Michelle (after her first husband Michael Bachelor... but no one in the family was aware of that). Michelle grew into a toddler around the same time that Trina became a child.
Shortly after Dina gave birth to Michelle, she remodeled the attic into a small studio apartment for herself. She felt that the master bedroom belonged to Alex, especially because by the time the apartment was finished, Alexander had transitioned into adulthood and started work as a Test Subject.

Michelle grew into a child, and she and Trina became fast friends.

Unfortunately it didn't last, because Trina grew into a teen and got too cool to hang out with her little 'baby' sister.

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  1. Awwww....he's gone. It's always sad to see one of the oldest families in the sims move onto the younger gen only. That was nice of Dina to move into a little apartment and let Alexander have the main house.