Friday, January 13, 2012

Round 2: Episode 1: The Broke Life

Life with Dustin and Angela Broke was progressing quite nicely. Angela was doing well with her home floral shop, and Dustin was quickly working his way up the Natural Science career ladder. He was now experimenting with breeding strange animals together as an Unnatural Crossbreeder. Mandy was also doing well as she quickly grew into a child before anyone knew what was happening:Not soon after Mandy's birthday, Dustin and Angela decided to try for their second, and most likely final child. It worked!
They decided that their small starter home was no longer big enough for their growing family and Angela's business. Dustin and Angela started home-shopping and settled on this cute little house just down the block from Angela's parents, but still near Grandma Brandy.
Mandy didn't want to move, but when she realized that she wouldn't have to change schools and her friends and cousins were only a walk away, she was okay with it. Plus, in this house, she got her own bedroom and bathroom! For awhile atleast, until the new baby comes.

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  1. That new house is cute. So cute how Mandy didn't want to move away from her friends and family. :)