Monday, January 30, 2012

R3:E4:New Faces

When we last left the Goths, Mortimer took his permanent island vacation and left his teenage son Alexander to support his widower and their two daughters, Trina and Michelle. Alex grew into an adult... but his looks left a little to be desired. So we had a make-over day.
I feel like this gives him a little more of a rugged look. Not to mention ditching the glasses was a huge attractive-ness boost. Next up, Trina decided to stage her teenage rebellion, and went a little crazy with her hair (also... the pony-tails just had to go).Someone wasn't a fan of Trina's new look. Alex made a new friend while gossiping over his step-sister.

Her name is Tiffany Sampson and they bonded over gossip and similar colored fluffy sweaters.
They became somewhat more than friends, and I caught Alex's awkward first kiss on camera...

Maybe they'll get married and have maroon sweatered children. Who knows? :)
Somebody liked her look... Skip Jr. gave Trina her first kiss.

After all the makovers, I decided that the house could use a little sprucing-up. New generations taking hold should warrant a new look.
Here, we have the foyer:
And if we follow the arch on the left you'll enter the family room.
If you head through the arch, around the staircases, past the fireplace and through the next set of arches, you'll hit the kitchen:

Which shares space with their dining room and foyer, right next to the new full bathroom.
I left the upstairs alone for now, since all the rooms are being utilized.
Dina's still living in her attic, I left that alone too. She was napping and dreaming of I didn't want to alter such an innocence (hah).

What with all the changes going on, it almost went unnoticed when Michelle had her teenage transition.

And, since everyone else got new looks, Michelle did too.
It was a pretty uneventful round for the Goths. Just a lot of new:)

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  1. I like the new looks they are very nice. Sometimes uneventful playing rounds are nice. Especially after busy families. :)