Monday, January 23, 2012

R3:E2: Coral Joins the Family

When Herb and Coral Oldie decided to move closer to their grandgradchildren and great-grandchildren, they purchased a tidy house close to their daughter, Mary-Sue.
They were enjoying their retired life, but soon after moving to Pleasantview, Herb began to feel death pulling at him. He fought as hard as he could, but there was nothing to be done.
Coral was lost without her beloved Herb, and her health quickly deteriorated as well. It didn't help that she wandered the streets at night in the cold.

Dustin and Angela Broke were stunned by the news of Angela's grandfather passing away. It came at the worst time, as Daniel and Mary-Sue had just moved to a smaller home. So the burden fell on Angela to make room in her modest home for her aging grandmother. They were able to use some of Herb's life insurance money to make a small addition to their home and slightly remodel the upstairs.

All the stress of adding a new member to the family prompted Angela to begin that process again. She went into labor and had another baby girl: Melissa.
Angela got a job after Melissa was born because Coral's health had gotten much better and she was able to take care of the baby. Angela was very interested in the culinary career track. So she got a job as a dish washer, and was soon promoted to Fast Food Shift Manager. Dustin was also promoted from his position as an Unnatural Crossbreeder to Dinosaur Cloner. Definitely moving up in the science world.
All too quickly Mandy grew into a teen with a 'tude:
and Melissa grew into a toddler:

They all look so similar! Four generations of Oldies/Pleasants/Brokes with three in one photograph!


  1. The girls certainly got their fathers coloring more than their mothers. Mandy is VERY pretty.