Friday, January 13, 2012

Round 2: Episode 4: Older Dream(er)s

When we last left the Dreamers, Cassandra and Darren recently welcomed their daughter Belle into the family. They also moved to a larger house next door to Mortimer and Dina.
Darren brought Darleen's tombstone with him to the new house and had her body transferred as well. This didn't sit well with Darleen's ghost. She frequently stomped around the house yelling and waving her arms. She often thought of Cassandra and made threatening gestures. One day it caught up with Darren.
Living in continuous fright like this really took a toll on Darren and he quickly transitioned into an Elder.
Darleen's attacks slowed after this and Darren and Cassandra felt that it was safe to continue building their family.
It was a boy this time, and in continuing with the D tradition, they named him Derek.Little Belle had her first transitioning birthday and grew into an adorable toddler, and then a child.
Derek quickly grew into a toddler as well. Cassandra couldn't help but have the urge for another one, as they grow up so fast!
Both Cassandra and Darren didn't let their family life distract them from their work goals. Darren was gaining promotions quickly and is now a Specialist. Cassandra works as an Inventor on the days that she isn't home with Belle and Derek.

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  1. Aww....both Belle and Derek are cute. They do grow up very fast, I don't blame Cassandra for wanting more.