Thursday, January 19, 2012

Round 2: Episode 6: Catching Up With the Pleasants

Daniel Pleasant was still living unaware that he had fathered a child through Kaylynn Langerak. Mary-Sue came up with that diabolical plan in order to hopefully improve their relationship. When Kaylynn came knocking on the door that afternoon, Mary-Sue was certain that their marriage was over. Luckily, Kaylynn kept to her side of the bargain, and Mary-Sue had little to worry about.

With the absence of Angela and Lilith, the large house became a little too large for the shrinking family. Soon after Marie transitioned into childhood, the Pleasants moved into a small little 2 bedroom home that they had built just across the street from Dirk, Lilith, and their impending grandchildren.

Mary-Sue had retired already but Daniel was not ready to let his youth and career go. He still strived to reach the top of the Athletic career. When Marie was at school and Daniel was at work, Mary-Sue focused on her painting, a lost love.
She was there to greet Marie after school and help her with homework. Mary-Sue was definitely more attentive to this unplanned blessing than she had been with her twins.

She was also more attentive with her husband. Now that they were (hopefully) out of the woods and experiencing their later-in-life wedded bliss, they spent a lot of the time canoodling on the couch and hoping that Marie is an easier teenager to deal with than Lilith.


  1. I LOVE their new house....did you build that yourself. It's really nice. Marie is a cute little girl.

  2. Ciyrose- I didn't build it myself, I'm not too good at starting from scratch on houses. I like to just remodel old crappier houses. I'm pretty sure that I downloaded this house from MTS2... I'm not positive on the link right now. But I'll look it up for you and let you know:)