Thursday, January 26, 2012

R3:E3: Dogfight

Let's see... when we last left the Dreamers they had moved to a (supposedly) larger home to make room for their growing family, be closer to Cassandra's aging father, and do a little 'showing off'. Unfortunately, this house is now the bane of my existence. The rooms are incredibly inconvenient and tiny, and there's not much room for remodeling/adding on. So there may be another move in their future. Also, Mortimer recently passed away, so their original reasons for moving are now irrelevant. *sigh* Anyway, back to the story....

Belle grew up into a beautiful teen with a family aspiration (LTW: Graduate 3 kids from college).
Even though she was family-oriented, Belle was still very studious. She would even study outside in the cold (and in the midst of weeds... we really to garden).
Poor Belle. Apparently the entire family likes to be outside. After growing older, Darren spent a few days a week talking to his first wife, Darleen, at her grave (in the cold...outside)
Derek would stop whatever he's doing and run outside in the cold to hug his dad after he came back from work. (he's a child now, I don't think that was in the last update)

Aww, look... best friends!

And last but not least, the love birds watched the skies at all hours of the night in the frigid cold.
Other strange happenings outside...

Dogfight! It was so random, because the Dreamers only have a cat, Bonkers. So I'm not sure who these cranky canines were.... but they certainly didn't like each other! Bonkers is a Star now, and goes to work in a limo, while her owners just go in regular boring-old cars.
As far as work goes, I don't think Darren will ever become the Chief of Staff and Pleasantview Learning Hospital, due to the rampant age discrimination that is going on throughout the town. He is a surgeon, though, so at least that's something. However, he is relying more and more on Cassandra's latest (slightly risky) invention, to feel up to working. So retirement might be in his future.
Cassandra's still an Adult though, so she has plenty of energy for work (she's a Scholar in the Science field) and other... recreational activities.
C'mon guys! You know what that leads to...


  1. cute that Cassandra is always ready for anything. :) Belle is very pretty. A nice mix of their genes.

  2. Looks like Cassandra got Darren in your hood too!!!