Monday, January 23, 2012

R3:E1: No More Brokes

When we last left Brandi Broke she had remarried and had three new children, Leslie, Mark, and Maggie. Well so much has happened that I couldn't possibly just leave you with pictures!
First off, Mark and Maggie grew into agreeable little toddlers:

Brandi's husband Alex realized that his meager salary wasn't enough to support his growing family, so he worked very hard and was promoted to Desk Sergeant. Beau and Skip Jr. also got jobs to help out and Beau was promoted to a Button Master. Skip Jr. attained a job as a Nursing Home Attendant and was promoted to an Orderly.
As if having six children wasn't enough, Brandi and Alex soon became pregnant again:
She had another boy! They named him Brandon.
It seemed to Brandi as if her family was growing up right before her eyes. The day after Brandon was born, Beau grew into a handsome adult.
He was promoted to a Trash Talker in the Gamer career field. Beau had enough savings by then to escape the tiny home filled with diapers and he purchased a small one bedroom apartment in Downtown Pleasantview.
Though Skip Jr. was still a teen, he moved in with Beau because the twins' birthdays were soon approaching, there weren't enough bedrooms to go around, and not enough money to add on. Brandi was sad to see her two boys go, the last remnants of her late husband Skip, but she understood that it was the most financially responsible decision. And with Beau and Skip Jr. out of the house, Brandi (Broke) Piper's home was now entirely made up of Pipers.

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  1. The growing up of families. Brandi's house sure became busy very quickly.