Thursday, December 15, 2011

Round 1: Episode 6: Kaylynn's Story

Kaylynn Langerak's name might sound a bit familiar. Kaylynn used to be a maid employed by the Squeaky Clean Maid Service. She was assigned to the Pleasant's house. Unfortunately, she and Daniel got a little too close one day... Mary Sue found out and reported it to the maid service. Kaylynn was let go, and blacklisted from the rest of the town's maid services. Kaylynn was planning to move to Veronaville as she had some relatives there but something made her change her plans:The birth of her daughter Sicily prompted Kaylynn to stay in Pleasantview in the hopes that Daniel would want to be a part of Sicily's life. Kaylynn ventured out to the Pleasant house and was accosted by an aged Mary Sue. Mary Sue offered Kaylynn 50,000 simoleans to leave Daniel and his family alone. Kaylynn didn't want to accept the money, but as it was she was barely making ends meet. And after all, Mary Sue didn't say that Daniel couldn't come to her...

So Kaylynn accepted Mary Sue's offer and then purchased a small condo near Don Lothario. She hated to live in such a part of town that had that kind of a reputation, so Kaylynn took the money and remodeled the house to make it a home:Kaylynn went on a few dates after Sicily was born... and later discovered that she should quit that practice:She gave birth to a little boy named Luca. Kaylynn could only assume from the timing that he was Don's. She neglected to notify him, however, because she didn't feel like he would be a good enough father to him. Kaylynn was a doting mother on her children. And before she knew it, they were all grown up:
And there she lives, supporting her two children and hoping to eventually be seen as a legitimate upstanding member of society. Getting married would be nice too...


  1. This blog is so neat! I love seeing all the old favorite sims 2 sims living out new lives.

    1. Thank you! I hope you continue to enjoy it.

  2. Just wanted to say that it's nice to see folks playing Sims 2. I never got in to Sims 3 (just not my style game-play wise) & still adore #2 with a passion, so I am always excited to see other people playing Sims 2, either because they have come back for "nostalgic" reasons or (like me) they never left it in the first place!

    Keep up the awesome work & Viva-la Sims 2!

  3. I never was into The Sims 3. I was dreading the release of it, actually, because I was loving The Sims 2 and the fact that everyone was playing/blogging so much. I knew that TS3 was going to ruin that. I never left TS2, just took some periodic breaks. Recently re-discovered it (college down-time) and am loving it just as much as ever. I hope you enjoy the stories and keep coming back. I love to have comments and people interested:)

  4. Ahh....the kids are cute! Sicily is actually quite pretty as a teen. I like that this blog is a bit different in the way it tells the stories, very fun.