Thursday, December 15, 2011

Round 1: Episode 3: Dustin's Fairy Tale

After completing his four years at Sim State University, Dustin returned home to Pleasantview. He was slightly broke, as the tuition had taken it's toll on his bank account. He luckily had enough money to pay for college, because his mother, Brandi, was frugal throughout his childhood and saved every social security check he received, because of his father's death, in a high interest savings account. So, as he had a finite amount of money left, he purchased the small starter home next to his mother.
Dustin was still very interested in his high school sweetheart, Angela. They had kept in touch all through his time at the university and Dustin wanted to make her his Mrs. However, Dustin didn't feel that he could give her a nice life with his current income: nothing. So Dustin decided to wait for a little bit while he built up his savings and credit, and made a decent home for Angela.

Soon, Dustin attained a job as a Scatmaster in the Natural Science career track. He was quickly promoted to a Soil Identifier and then a Rogue Botanist. With a steady income, and the small house turned into a quaint little home, Dustin felt it was time. He married Angela in a quiet home ceremony:
They began their life together as newlyweds and it was picture perfect. Angela did not attend a university because she was more interested in floral arrangements. She and Dustin quickly set up a small outdoor shop on their lawn, and soon it flourished enough that they erected a separate partition of their house to be a store.Not soon after the inception of her floral business, Angela discovered that she was pregnant. Labor was intense and frightening for both of them:The baby was a beautiful little girl that they named Mandy, and Dustin was ecstatic. They were quite the pretty little family:

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  1. Aww....I never got to play these two as adults with kids. Mandy should grow up to be very pretty.