Friday, December 2, 2011

Round 1: Episode 2: Belle Dreamer

I bet you're dying to know what happened after this little eh? anyone? Well...Yep! So then, this happened:
And then of course, comes the pain:

But it's all worth it because Belle Dreamer came into the world!Darren is so silly: "Oh look, a baby!"
In other news, Dirk went off to Sim State University to make his mark on the world. After Belle grew up into a toddler, the Dreamers moved next door to the Goths because Cassandra just couldn't be away from her aging father and new little half sister. Pictures to follow in the next Dreamer episode.

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  1. Aww....a baby! Belle is such a cute name, and from what we can see, a cute baby. I love how you have Cassandra so caring about her family, wanting to move closer and stuff.