Friday, December 2, 2011

Round 1: Episode 1: Trina Goth

Dina Caliente was enjoying her new life as a wealthy trophy wife. Anything she had ever wanted could be hers with just a snap of her fingers. Even though she now had two step-children, they were too old to still need raising (one being just a few years younger than herself). Dina feared, however, that when Mortimer (God-forbid) passed away, she would be neglected in the will because she married him so late in the game. He was retired, for Pete's sake! What could she possibly claim she needed compensation for, or was owed? Therefore, Dina decided that she must mother a child for him. Unknowingly, Dina went off the pill and she was soon pregnant. The months went by quickly, and before she knew it, the labor pains hit. Dina had not imagined that it could be this painful, but it was worth it. The child was a precious baby girl, and they named her Trina. Even though she was a product of greed, Dina loved her immediately, and doted upon her every day. Mortimer and Bella had required a nanny to help with the rearing of Cassandra and Alexander, but Dina refused Mortimer's offer, and mothered the little bundle of joy herself. She even began dressing more conservatively. Well... as conservatively as Dina could get....Alexander wasn't sure how he felt about the new baby, especially since the child was not his full-blood sibling and he had never trusted Dina in the first place. He could hardly be bothered to form a decisive opinion about Trina, however, because he was so caught up in his studies. Alexander was attempting to get into an elusive private school to better impress Mortimer's snooty alma-mater. He also had a childhood friend on his mind. But more about that some other time...

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  1. I like the name Trina, it seems appropriate for a Goth. :)