Thursday, February 2, 2012

Round Four: Beau and Skip Jr.

Hey all! Beau Broke, here! I hear you guys like our little 'reality' show? Well, let me catch you up on life outside my mom's house. It's crazy at home. My mom was really lonely after my dad died... even though she had us three boys to keep her company. Whatever. Anyways, so she married Alex, who's a pretty neat guy. He seems to make her happy. So she and Alex decided to have a crap-ton of kids to fill up the house. It got a little too full in my opinion. So after I turned 18 I pulled a Dustin. Only instead of going to Sim Sate, I just bought my own house Downtown. I used all the money from my social security checks, and a little bit from my after-school job. It's not much, but it's mine:It's got a pretty nice sized backyard, so I might get a couple pets. I've always liked dogs. So a couple days after I moved out my bro Skip came over and like, begged me to let him move in. I guess Mom was pregnant again and they were strapped for cash. Beau had been sleeping on the couch so that the younger boys could have a real bed. So, I took pity on the kid. But I told him that he had to get a job to help out.

Well, Skip got a job working at the hospital and he got promoted real fast! That kid is some kinda smart. They say he can't get a higher position until he's older though. I'm impressed with my baby brother. So we decided to celebrate and get a puppy. I think Skip has decided he wants to raise them or something crazy. Well... I'm all for it if he pays for everything.

So everything's been goin' pretty good! Oh... well we did have this one incident...

I was outside *ahem* looking through the telescope. I've got a really hot neighbor okay?! I can't help it... So anyways, I was outside minding my own business and I hear this screaming from inside. Well it turns out that Skip had invited some friends over and tried to cook dinner for them. Bad idea.
Set the whole dang stove on fire! I thought I'd never get it out. I finally got everyone to leave except this one chick who came home with Skip from work. I can't remember her name right now... But they played kicky bag for hours until I made her go home so Skip could do his homework.

That's pretty much how the past week has been for us. I'm working on starting up a few businesses in the future though, so you guys better come back and check on me!

Alright, have a good one.
Beau Broke

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  1. :) It's good for the brothers to be out together. Is there a bit of a love interest there for Skip Jr maybe?