Saturday, February 18, 2012

Round Five: Emptying the Nest

Back at the Goth mansion, Alexander is busy skilling up. He was promoted five times this round! Alexander is now a top secret researcher, and spends most of his time gazing at the stars. He spends a lot of time on the phone with his fiancee, Tiffany. She's still in college, with no end in sight! Alex isn't too concerned about it, however. His main goal is to become a Mad Scientist, just like his old man.

Dina was still chugging along at work, and is now an assistant coach. She felt time taking its toll on her, though, and transitioned into an elder shortly after her promotion.Not too shabby, Dina! She's still trying for that Hall of Fame spot, but we'll see how tough a toll her job will take on her. I haven't decided whether or not to let her keep trying.

She beat Trina to a birthday by just a day. Trina decided that college wasn't for her (much to Alex's dismay) and spun into quite a lovely adult:She was very embarrassed that Michelle's friend was wearing the same dress, though. There was quite a fit thrown about that. I guess just because you spin into an adult, doesn't mean you suddenly begin to act like one. Well, Trina decided that she needed to get out on her own. She'd never make it into the celebrity world if she was still living at home with her mom! So she moved out with Michelle, who is only a few days from an adult birthday herself. But not before Michelle snuck her first kiss in with this boy from work:They moved to uptown Pleasantview, a new suburb that's still in its beginning stages:
They just had enough money for a one bedroom/one bath, but it was okay for them because they'd been sharing a smaller bedroom for years. Trina was a little put out that her mother only gave her $20,000 when she knew for a fact that her dad had been rolling in the cash. But she figured that once she started rubbing elbows with the rich and famous, she'd be getting paid a little more. So they settled in, and Michelle did her daily yoga out on the lawn... uh, concrete:
And that's where we'll leave them for the round. Hopefully next time will be a little more exciting for you.


  1. 5 promotions in one round...WOW....great job Alexander.

    That's a cute little house they move into too. It certainly looks "barren" right now.

  2. A concrete yard? hmmm that doesn't look really comfortable to be doing yoga on....