Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Round Five: Growing Up

(**Author's note: I am skipping Marie Pleasant , Kaylynn Shaikh, and Sicily Langerak's updates this round, as they haven't done much of note, and there are too few pictures to constitute a post. They'll be back in Round Six, though! Also... this update is short on pictures. I've realized that my posts are getting pretty boring, because I tend to only take pictures of major life events, and I don't really create a very good storyline for the families. After this round, I'll make a few changes to my blogging style and hopefully you all will find it a little more enjoyable reading!)

Last time we left the Pipers, Brandi and Alex had just welcomed baby Charity into the family, and there were quite a few birthdays. Let's catch up, shall we?

In keeping with the birthday theme, the twins, Mark and Maggie, transitioned into teens during this round.I don't know what it is about that ugly bubble vest and those dreadful pigtails... seems like every teen in Pleasantview is spinning into them! Mark decided on a family aspiration, and wants to reach his golden anniversary. Quite a lofty goal for a teen with no female friends on the horizon (other than his plethora of sisters). We'll see what we can do for him.
Maggie chose to focus on her career, instead of her family. She excels at writing in school and loves gossip, so her goal is to reach the top of the Journalism career. Good luck to both of you!

Unfortunately, a day or so later, Leslie got a-hold of Brandi's special elixir...
After draining what remained, she aged up a few days. Which led to a sooner-than-usual birthday.
She decided to ditch the uber-blonde locks and go for a shorter look. Leslie wants to reach the top of the Gamer career, and you can't have hair in your face while you're slaying heffalumps, woozuls, and such-like.

Since money was growing even tighter in the Piper house, Leslie decided to go ahead and find her own place, and she even let Mark & Maggie move in with her! Such a nice older sibling... we can only hope that they'll continue to do well in school without their mother hounding them all the time about grades.

Charity had a few birthdays this week as well, growing up into a child!
(** Author's note: For some reason, I don't have pictures of either of these birthdays... but I know that they happened. Not sure what went wrong there, sorry!)

So now Brandi lives with her second husband, Alex Piper, and their sixth and seventh children, Brandon and Charity (both children). Tune in next time when we find out... will she go for numbers 8-10?


  1. Wow Brandi is certainly popping out the kids eh?!

    Looking forward to seeing if she makes 8-10! ;)

    1. She certainly is and it makes playing that lot a nightmare! I haven't even decided whether or not to go for the 10 kids, because I'm no good with managing that many people. But I'm trying to step out of my box a little for this challenge-esque blog, so... who knows!

  2. OMG 10 kids is a pain in the patooty to play, that is for sure. But a real challenge!

  3. I guess 8 to 10 kids wouldn't be too bad with some more twins in the mix, but is certainly not EASY to manage. Still, it's good of Leslie to let the current twins move out with her and give the family room if they end up going for more. :)