Friday, February 10, 2012

Round Five: The Downtown Life

Welcome back to Downtown Pleasantview, home of Beau and Skip Broke! Beau owns a small home business in addition to holding a job as a Real Time Strategizer for SimTech Gaming Co. He tries to make his business fun for all, but unfortunately... not everyone can handle it. Lilith Dreamer was innocently shopping when all of the sudden, she's on the ground making goo-goo-ga-ga noises and talking to an invisible man.
It was very strange... nobody was expecting it out of Lilith, of all people. She's seemed to put her sad depression days behind her, since she's married with a baby now. But who knows... people can relapse.
Moving on, Skip Jr. was making time for the ladies... well, one lady in particular. Her name is Tiffany and they recently had a bowing outing.
She consoled him when he did poorly (while trying not to laugh)
and he cheered for her when she did well... even though he was sitting on the bench and not acting too interested otherwise.And... there was mutual celebration to be had.Awww, cute couple. They fell in love after that kiss. All too soon, it was time to go home. Back to the fighting dogs.
Yep, that's right. They bought dog from the pet store and named him Blackie. They got along... sometimes

Poor Blackie. Guess we know who the alpha is around here.
All those grown up emotions swirling around inside Skip Jr. prompted him to go into a tailspin... and grow up, of course!Hey, don't look so surprised! You knew it was coming sooner or later. Handsome fella isn't he? This gave him a promotion at work to Paramedic. Since he was soooo adult now, Skip decided to drop the Jr. He would now introduce himself as simply, Skip. All seems to be going well for Beau and Skip.
Ugh! Except those clothes! Poor Skip... he's stuck with them, as I've decided that they wear what they spin. Oh well. The girls don't seem to mind. But that story is for another time...

Family Info:
Beau Broke- Adult- Wealth- LTW:5 Top Level Businesses
Skip Broke Jr.- Adult- Wealth- LTW:6 Pets Reach Top of Careers


  1. Poor Skip with those clothes. I can't bring myself to leave them in the horrible outfits they get so much of the time.

  2. Skip and the ladies awww cute. A bowing outing..hahaha! Wow both of them Fortune Sims. They will be living in a mansion in no time!