Sunday, February 12, 2012

Round Five: Lucy in the City

Welcome to Lucy Burb's new place in downtown Pleasantview. It's just a modest pre-made house that sits next to the Broke boys.
She's the Burb heir at the moment, so she'll eventually move back to the country part of Pleasantview and start making babies, but for now, she's living it up in the city.
The first friend she makes? That scall-a-wag, Don Lothario...Now don't get too excited, either of you. He's got a baby with Kaylynn, and he and Nina are quite happy together! (As happy as two romance sims can be, in a somewhat monogamous relationship)Hey! Cut that out! Don't you two get any ideas....*Sigh* They never listen, do they? Fine. Do as you please, but don't blame me for not wanting Don's sperm to infect every woman in Pleasantview!

Oh Lucy... You can do better than Don! He's practically an elder! He and Nina have two kids you know... do you want to be a home wrecker?
Apparently that's a yes. Oh Lucy. So young... so naive... join us next time when we discover just how serious this fling is.


  1. LOl YOU!!!! lol

  2. That Don....he'll get 'em every chance he can.