Saturday, February 4, 2012

Round Four: So Close

Hello, this is Dirk Dreamer. You fellows haven't been around my place for a bit. Well, let's see... I suppose we've had some new life-developments.
Last time you were here Lilith was pregnant, right? Okay, well, she went into labor and we got a beautiful boy. We named him Dan, after his grandpa Pleasant.Sorry... I can't seem to find any pictures of him from when he was born. Strange... maybe Lilith has them all in her purse. She's at work right now as a Law Firm Receptionist.

So, anyway, back to the baby. You see, I had bought a two bedroom home, but I was pretty sure that I didn't want kids, so I remodeled it to have just one giant bedroom. That was a mistake... *sigh* so Lilith and I got married, and were a little less-than-careful at first. So Dan was an accident. But we love that little tyke anyways! So after Lilith told me she was pregnant, we went house- hunting and bought this nice small house:
(**This house is 17 Crumple Top Lane from lewjen on MTS2 and I downloaded it here)
It's a spacious kitchen/dining room with one bedroom and one bath. There's also a finished basement that serves as the living room. So when Dan was just a baby and through his toddler years we kept his crib upstairs in our room.
Oh, this is him on his birthday:
Cutest kid ever, isn't he? Well anyway, Lilith used most of her vacation days to stay home with Dan while he was a baby. I am soooo close to my promotion, I can almost taste it! So I spent most of my time skilling up and trying to woo the bosses. I did, however, have time to teach Dan to talk. His first word? 'Dada' That's right! That's me, people! It wasn't long though, before Dan grew up for good. I guess I shouldn't have taught him all that stuff. Maybe he'd still be a baby...
Even though he wasn't planned... still the greatest thing to happen to me. Well... Lilith was pretty great too *winks*. Well alright guys, I've got a business lunch to get to, I've got to get going. It was nice talking with you. Feel free to come back next time. We're happy to oblige!

Dirk Dreamer


  1. Wow Lillith and Dirk had a cute little boy!

  2. Thanks for pointing out where you got the house, it's super cute. Dan is such a cute kid. I see a bit of both parents for sure.

  3. I'm going to try and do links for any significant custom content that I use. I was also searching for where I downloaded the Pleasant house... and I can't find the source anywhere, sorry! If I come across it on future downloading sprees, I'll definitely let you know. I can tell you that it was on MTS2... which doesn't narrow it down too much:p