Thursday, February 2, 2012

Round Four: Can I Get a Kid Count?

Oh hi there! This is Brandi, and I guess you folks would like an update on the Pipers, wouldn't ya? Well... I guess we have been up to quite a bit since you were here last. Let's see...

First thing's first: Beau and Skip Jr. moving out freed up some money for us and we were able to purchase 175 Main Street. I don't have any pictures right now, strangely. But we'll get one to you next time. It seemed pretty big, but once we got moved in... it was tiny! There were only three bedrooms in addition to the loft area in the attic. I had four kids to house. Luckily Brandon was just a toddler so we put his crib on the second floor loft instead of in a bedroom. This is him on his birthday:

The girls got to share a room, and Mark got his own room up in the attic. But I don't know what we're going to do when the baby comes. Oh that's right... we're expecting number seven! I can't say that I'm excited... after five I pretty much just get used to all the crazy. I'm just worried about the strain it'll put on our money situation.
Brandon didn't seem to stay a baby for very long. As soon as I blinked he had grown up into a handsome little boy.
Yes... that's me sleeping in the background. I have six kids and a seventh in my belly okay people? I do get a little worn out! Luckily the kids pretty much take care of themselves.

Luckily, right before I had the baby, Alex got promoted to the Vice Squad, and then a Detective. Every extra dollar really helps us out. I snuck into work a few times before I got really pregnant to secure my promotion to Flight Officer.

I wasn't allowed to fly until I had the baby though. But we'll get to that in a minute. What with all the growing up going around, Leslie decided she wanted to grow up too. And then she got a makover. Not too sure how I feel about the new hair color though... hopefully it's just a stage.

Aaaaand now I guess it's time to reveal the new baby! Labor was painful, as always. But Alex was there to help and greet his daughter. Yep! It's a girl! We decided on Charity (**Who I believe is the name of someone in a challenge that I recently read... using the same name was unintentional... I didn't mean to copy you:] ).

For some reason, Mark didn't seem too happy about his baby sister. I don't know what's gotten into that kid lately. Maybe he's in the 'girls are icky' stage. Well, that's about all for now. See y'all next time!

~Brandi Broke Piper


  1. Wow...7 kids, that's impressive. Poor Mark doesn't want anymore kids in the family apparently. It sure seems like Alex was excited though.

  2. Ciyrose- yep, it's been a big challenge for me. I normally hate having giant families, but I've decided to go for the 10 kids thing since Brandi keeps spinning a want for it and her LTW isn't career related. Thanks for all your comments:)

    1. Lovely post. I really love playing large families, but that can come back to bite you later on. You'll end up with a huge hood! Don't let all the kids have lots more kids, or it can get out of control. It's sooo fun when you're having all the kids and watching the genetics, though.

    2. Thanks!And I'm definitely planning on keeping most of her kids single without children if they don't end up with family aspirations. I can't handle a million families, lol

  3. Robin: I can vouch for that. I let my hood get bigger and bigger with Propserity Falls. I love big fams, and love to watch the genetics. I had only one family in gen two have 10 kids, then one of those kids had 10. It was hopeless after that.

  4. Breeze Point is getting really big already and I'm only at Gen 3 (soon), so yeah the 10 kids thing can really make hoods big, but they can be fun to have too. :)