Monday, February 13, 2012

Round Five: Happy Birthday to You

When we last visited with the Burbs, John and Jennifer were surprised with twin babies and Lucy moved out to be on her own (and fraternize with that Lothario character). I decided that their house wasn't working for me, so the Burbs moved to a new home across from Marie Pleasant.
I downloaded this house from MTS2, here. This update, as it is with most this round for some reason, is full of birthdays. First up, the twins.
Lillian grew up... but Jennifer doesn't look too excited. Then she helped her brother with the age transition
Again, Johny and Jennifer don't seem too excited, but maybe they're just sadly realizing that they are getting older too. A few days later, John had his big transition too.
Young at heart, though. John did something a little silly, though. After his birthday, he went to work and up pops a chance card. Well, I've been having terrible luck with chance cards lately and he got demoted (better than fired, which is what happened to Don Lothario... one promotion away from the top of his career). So, John comes home and immediately gets excited and does that little 'who-brings-in-the-bacon?-this-guy!' dance.
I decided that it was time for John's retirement... don't want to overwork the poor fella. So now he stays home with the kids after school and Jennifer works part time at The Pleasantview Tribune.
When Jen's birthday came, she took her time to think of the perfect wish.

Maybe she wished for a decent outfit to wear for the rest of her life-bar. Good wish, Jennifer. I could tell you some horror stories!
The Burbs were pretty boring this time around. Certainly not as exciting as their daughter, Lucy. Hopefully I'll have a juicy story for you in round 6. :)


  1. ha I really got a kick out of John's elder outfit!!!

  2. LOL....I love their "'who-brings-in-the-bacon?-this-guy!' dance" too funny. Nice wishing Jennifer.