Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Round Five: Sadness Strikes the Dreamers

This week was not a good one for Cassandra Dreamer. When we first join her, she's being accosted by a skunk!
Cassandra had been spending so much time outside with her small garden, that she began to feel a little too... 'one'... with nature.
While Cassandra was getting her hands dirty outside, Darren was capitalizing on his platinum aspiration by teaching Dusty some necessary skills inside.
She was never far from their minds, however. Soon, little Dusty grew like a weed into a child. He loved to play with the other children, and Maggie Piper was always over after school to play Cops and Robbers.Sadly, his parents were growing older too. Grim came for Darren late one night while he was doing the thing that he loved most (aside from inappropriate things with Cassandra), stargazing...
He was shocked at first, but then let Grim slowly take him to his tropical paradise. He knew that he would see his beloved Darleen, and that Cassandra would join him shortly. Cassandra had a much harder time dealing with his death. She just sat outside and babbled and cried for hours...Poor Dusty just hid around the corner of the house and sobbed. He felt robbed of time with his dad, and vowed that someday he would find a way to bring him back. Darren did come back...for a split second, he was there... to wave goodbye one last time to the woman he had loved from afar for so long, and then finally been blessed with.
Cassandra didn't see him that night but she would visit his grave at the Pleasantview Cemetery once a week to refresh the flowers, and perhaps catch a glimpse of the man she had loved...

Darren Dreamer passed on with a platinum aspiration due to the fulfillment of his lifetime want, becoming Chief of Staff. He is survived by his wife Cassandra; their children Belle, Derek, and Dusty; a child from his first marriage, Dirk; and a grandson, Dan. Rest in Peace, Darren.


  1. Awww...bye Darren. He had a full life, and it ended happy for him. Poor Cassandra though, it's rough on her, and little Dusty.

  2. Bye bye Darren....I am sure we will see you again!