Sunday, February 5, 2012

Round Four: Meanwhile, Back at the Mansion...

Oh, you guys are back again? Alright, come in I guess. Mom's not here... but I can call 911 on my cell phone... so don't do anything weird, got it?
My name? I'm Trina, duh.
Who do I live with? Dude, I thought you guys knew this stuff already? *sigh* whatevs. I live here with my mom, younger sister, Michelle, and my half-brother Alex. No, that Tiffany girl doesn't live here, even though she and my brother are always snuggling on the couch... gross. Get a room.
Oh yeah, I guess he like, proposed or something? Such a drag. She's totally not cool. I mean, just look at her sweater!

She goes to the University. Haha, sucker. I'd never go to college... that stuff is so boring. All I want to do is become a professional party guest, and maybe crash some celeb bashes!
So, you guys wanna know what's going on, right? Well mom got promoted a couple times, and she recently got the MVP award. Volleyball, I think? Alex got promoted too... he was all excited about it. Shoot... what was it called? Field researcher! That's it.
Yeah, Michelle and I both work at the gas station down the street. First step to the lazy lifestyle, my friend!
That's pretty much it, dudes. I'm out of stories. Oh... yeah, I guess this was cool. This one time, some dude's ghost was floating around... it scared Alex while he was outside. I think he peed himself a little, hahaha!
That's why mom decided to buy a separate cemetery lot and move all the graves there. Alex was kinda mad at her, but I think it's a great idea. I was sick of seeing creepy stuff float around all the time. Okay, you guys gotta go, Skip Jr. is coming over and I gotta get ready... so make like a tree and leaf. Haha, later dudes.

--Trina Goth


  1. Ha nice commentary! Loved it, sounded really...errr....KEWL. :)

  2. Haha, thank you! I had fun with this round, giving everyone personalities and such.

  3. Trina sure is a "teenage girl" to the max. :) She reminds me a bit of my Rachelle in Breeze Point. She giggles after everything. "hehe" :D