Sunday, February 5, 2012

Round Four: All By Myself

Hello. Yes, come on in. No, mom and dad won't be joining us today. It's just me, Marie Pleasant. I grew up into a teenager just after you guys left the last time.
This is my best friend, Brandon. He dresses kinda weird... but we both love rocket ships, so it works.
Life was going on great... and then, Grim came for mom.
Dad and I weren't the only ones upset. My friend cried a lot too. Maybe because he was witnessing it. My dad was so upset... he cried for days.

I think that's why Grim took him, too. Maybe he wanted mom and dad to be together... But dad didn't seem to want to go.

So... I've been pretty lonely. Daniel comes over every day after school to keep me company. But I still feel so sad all the time... I play with Dad's puppy, Suzi, a lot. She misses him too. Sometimes she howls at night for no reason at all...
How am I paying the bills? Well both mom and dad left me most of what they have (**funny thing is, Daniel and Mary-Sue left money for Marie, Angela, Mandy, and a friend. Lilith didn't get any money). So, I'm using what's left in the savings until I can find a job.

Well... that's pretty much it, guys. Thanks for coming. I hope next time you come I'll have better news, and be better company.

Marie Pleasant


  1. Ahhh...bye Daniel and Mary-Sue. So sad. Poor Marie....hopefully life turns around for her now.