Sunday, February 5, 2012

Round Four: All Grown Up

Oh hello, you're back. *smiles* Well this is Kaylynn Shaikh and this is my new house! *laughs* I kind of wish we'd stayed where we were now. This place is driving me crazy. But Sicily was tired of sharing the loft with me and Pao... so here we are.

Well let's see, since you were here last quite a bit has been going on. I got a job as Pleasantview High's Home Economics teacher. I like my job quite a bit, even if Sis and Luc complain about me 'embarrassing' them... silly kids.
Well... Luca did snap this little beauty on his cell phone... I can kinda see the embarrassing part I suppose. I was just so happy to get a better job! Oh yes, I guess I did skip some things...
Luca's my big man now! He's fourteen. I was worried about how they'd take to Pao... but they seem to get along.
At least when Pao tells them about the wizards he works with... Although I have a feeling those stories are made up. Silly man. Ah, yes... I was pregnant again. Pao and I decided to have one together. She's such a beauty!

Not entirely sure where the red hair came from. Pao must have some down the line in his family.
And then my baby Sicily grew up and left us! Oh, it was so sad...

She told me that living here was stifling her creative ability, or some such nonsense. She's very into music. The stress of her leaving, and the new baby was more than I could take. Not to mention I had found out about.... What? I'm not allowed to talk about that yet? *sigh* well alright. Anway, I went... grey!
But I think I pull it off very well. Pao doesn't seem to mind, even though he's still very young. Oh, to be young again....

Well thanks for stopping by fellows... I'll see you next time.
Kaylynn Shaikh


  1. Now that is something I have never seen in TS2. An old Kaylynn!!!

  2. I really haven't either! I hardly ever play this far into the game. I get distracted with other challenges and just-for-fun families.

  3. Wow...a gray Kaylynn. She looks good. I want to know what she can't talk about yet. :D