Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Round Five: University Part 2

Welcome back to Academie Le Tour! Here we have Belle and Derek Dreamer striving to achieve their goals of academic success...well, somewhat. Belle remained in the dorms throughout all four years. She felt this made it easier to study. It was also easier to make acquaintances that might be useful down the road as far as potential mates were concerned. Belle's lifelong goal is the same as her mother, three children graduated from college. So Belle got right down to romancing.
Her first kiss was Cara Fancey. But... Belle... you do know that you can't make babies that way, right? It just doesn't work. She also tried to get friendly with a few men in her dorm, but they wouldn't give her the time of day. Unfortunately, Belle had to leave Cara behind after graduation. Belle was getting a little tired of the crazy college lifestyle. It seemed that she couldn't go a day without someone streaking around or throwing up in the refrigerator.
She quickly attained her credits and graduated with honors. She then moved back to Pleasantview and purchased a tiny starter home that she hopes to soon fill with children.
With those looks, it shouldn't take long to snag a man! or a woman, if that's your thing. Belle works as a Cartoon Voice for the local cable's children's network.
As far as her brother, Derek, goes....

Derek transferred to Sim State to start his own chapter of Urele-Oresha-Cham. He uses that as his excuse, but I'm pretty sure it's because the curriculum was much less rigorous.
Derek made quite a few friends at Sim State, starting with Meredith Tellerman, who gave him his first kiss:
He needs all the kisses that he can get! Because Derek aspires to have 20 Best friends! He had extra time to make said best friends in college, because he slept through his senior spring semester final! So, he was on Academic Probation, but made the most of it, and finally graduated and moved back to Pleasantview.He decided to move Downtown, since that's the fastest growing neighborhood, and hippest place to hang out.
The first day back, Derek invited a few college buddies over to check out his new bubble-blower.
Unfortunately, he got so carried away with the bubbles, that Derek forgot he had put appetizers in the oven for his guests!
The fire got put out quickly, but it put kind of a damper on his party. The guests scattered pretty quick, since nobody wants crusty toaster pastries. It didn't end up too badly for Derek, however, because he ended his round with 10 best friends. Halfway there! Derek works as a Junior Officer to help finance his bubble-parties.


  1. LOL this post seems so close to real life. Good job.

  2. LOL...good luck with the best friends. Seems like Derek is well on his way. Belle is very pretty, I'm sure she'll find someone soon.

  3. Nice Uni entry...they can be dry to play, and then write, and then read! Good job!