Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Round Five: Dirk Reaches the Top

Wow, Lilith looks pretty happy, doesn't she? She's got quite a bit to be excited about, though. She was recently promoted to a legal-biller, she owns a decent home-business, a fledgling new toy shop, her husband is a business tycoon, and her son is now on his way to being self-sufficient! Life is good for Lilith.

Her home business is very steady, and she recently bought a new poker table so that her customers could entertain themselves while they wait on service. She gets some pretty interesting patrons...
Yes, Dirk finally got his promotion and is now a business tycoon.
He didn't stay at the top for very long, however. He heard that Dustin Broke made much more than he did as an ecological guru, so Dirk switched tracks and is now a scatmaster. He's so money hungry, though, that he didn't stop there. Dirk began counterfeiting his own money!
The new money supply caused quite the confusion for little Dan. He asked his mommy if daddy was a magician!
Lilith just told him that daddy works extra hard, so they give him extra money. She didn't want to get into explaining the illegality of Dirk's actions to an eight year old. Dan quickly grew up into a teenager though, fully capable of understanding what his dad does. He was determined to play it straight, and stay on the good side of the law. Dan wanted to be a Celebrity Chef. He'd heard that it was the next big career out there, and knew that the ladies loved a man who could cook.
As a teenager, Dan became fascinated with his hands... I thought that was a baby trait? Ah well, you never can tell with sims, can you?


  1. LOL....I love it when teenagers become fascinated with their own hands.

  2. Dan you don't wanna do what your daddy does, except maybe become rich!