Friday, February 3, 2012

Round Four: Hauntings and a Cowplant

Well hello there! Angela, here. Last time you guys stopped by was around the time I had Melissa, right? Well a few things have happened since then. Well, Melissa grew up so fast! I don't even thing I got any good pictures of her toddling around. Unfortunately, before she got old enough for her big-girl bed, my grandma passed.

It was terrible... I really miss her. But then she started showing up everywhere. Scaring poor Dustin half to death!

She even got me one night while I was stargazing when Dustin's new telescope. She did make an appearance for Melissa's seventh birthday party, even though she spent most of the time floating around and looking at her old bedroom.

Melissa really loves the outdoors. She would spend so much time out there I'd have to pull her inside! Those crazy social workers will get you if your kids have too much fun out there.
I can't believe both my girls are in school and growing up.
Since Melissa goes to school now, I could go back to work. I'm a Hostess now, just trying to pull in some extra money. Although I may be able to quit since my baby got promoted to Ecological Guru!! He makes 10,000+ every time he goes into work! So I think we're pretty set for life:) Dustin really wants to earn 100,000 simoleans... I'm pretty sure that we're very close to that goal. He thinks that's the perfect amount in order to retire. Since he got promoted, his company gave him this new plant. It's kind of strange... and every once in a while it holds food out of its mouth. Dustin told me to be sure to feed it every day or it could get dangerous.
I'm not too sure how I feel about having it around my kids... but I keep it well fed every day, so hopefully we won't have a problem. Well the Melissa's about to come home from school, so I've got to run! See ya later!

-Angela Broke


  1. Why do i have a bad feeling about that plant?...

    Really enjoying the stories so far!

  2. Chris- Thanks! Glad you're enjoying them:) And I have actually never had a cowplant before, so I'm pretty excited to see what all goes on. I know from reading different blogs that it can get a little crazy.

  3. Oh boy a cow plant! I've never actually had one, but I've wanted to see what it's like in my game. I've seen them in lots of other blogs, so it will be fun to see how you handle it. :)

  4. I love the cowplant. Easy to get rid of unwanted Sims, or to use in a Black Widow challenge!!!