Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Round Six: Lucy's Surprise

Oh, hi guys, Lucy Burb here! Quite a bit has happened since you guys stopped by and spied on me and Don last time! I won't lie... Don and I get along very well. However... I also enjoy spending time with Skip Broke. Very cute;) What can I say... I just can't make up my mind!! *giggles*
Even after what's happened, I still haven't made up my mind. I mean, it's not like I want to MARRY Don or anything. *shudders* I'm so young! I've got my whole life ahead of me, guys! But, I did have to break the news to Skip... he was kind of upset with me...
Yep, I'm was pregnant! I had been feeling a little sickly, but I thought it was just the flu...

I still had to work though, ugh! At least Don was there to support me after work.
 Well... supportive after a small meltdown...

But he'll be okay after he sees his beautiful son! I went into labor late one night. Don wasn't around... some emergency with Nina and the twins. But look at my beautiful baby!
I named him Landon... Don mentioned it in passing once. We hadn't really talked about a name, but it's not that important is it? I mean, we both don't have to love it. That's what nicknames are for! *giggles*
Don hasn't been around to see him yet... I hope that he comes for Landon's birthday party. You guys should come too! I'll send you an e-vite!! eeek! I'm so excited. Even though they smell sometimes, babies are just sooo cute, and my baby is the cutest! With parents like his, how could he not be!! Ooops! Baby Landon just spit up a little. I need to clean him up... I'll see you guys later. Don't forget about mee! ;)


  1. How sweet. Landon is a great name for Don's son.

  2. wow, great round, Lucy gets around too.. heh.

  3. So Don planted another seed, and it grew!

    1. Hah, yeah, Don is quite the fertile-Myrtle!

  4. Aww...Landon. I love it. That Don, he's a fertile one for sure.