Friday, June 1, 2012

Round Six: Derek Dreamer

Hey bro, it's Derek Dreamer here. Remember me? College hot shot ;) Yeaaaah, buddy. Well... I hope you guys don't stick around too long, no offense, cause I've got a party in a few! Oh... well yeah, I can give you a basic update then. I live here, in Downtown Pleasantview:
Nice little place, not too fancy, I don't need much except my pool table, and dart-board. Which everyone loves!!

So anyway, I live there and I work for the local military as Counter Intelligence. Cause, you know... those crazy Strangetown peeps might get some crazy ideas. We see a lot of weird stuff going on over there... but anyway.

I like to go to Lucky Shack to hang out and make friends.... and dance;)
It's workin' for me! I have twelve best friends!!

Yeah, I guess I am getting older... married? Nahh... well... unless it's way later and I'm one of those... Silver Foxes... ooh yeah, baby. Kids? Heeeeck no! I'm having too good a time hangin' out with my friends, why would I want to give that up for some machine that pukes and craps all over me? Pleaseeeee.
Okay guys...seriously, people are starting to show up now.. can I hit ya up a little later?! Come back next week maybe... okay? Okay, great. I'll see ya!


  1. OOH yah! Looks like Derek is gonna have a great time in Uni!

  2. Looks like Derek is in for a fun life! :)

  3. Derek sure is living a "charmed" life right now. lol